Gott mit Uns and the Crusader Mythos

Herr Junior Fuhrer George W. BushSo, along with the gun-sight manufacturer using the name of God in their murder machine marketing… and the Murderers from Xe, formerly Blackwater International, using Gods name for Blood Money… there’s a tradition in Military circles of Eurocentric origins to do that. This tradition has bled down to the Paramilitary groups such as the HitlerJugend, (Barry Sadler, “patriot” author of The Green Berets, book song and truly LAME propaganda movie starring the ChickenHawk John Wayne) mentions in the book an “ex” HJ turned Greenie beanie. good sourcing eh? (Let’s see the Wingers squirm out from under that one!) and their Derivatives like the Skins, the Klan (although the Klan is an older group) the Minutemen, the “Wild Geese” and the Tea Party “patriots”. The “rebel” flag flown at so many Klan Rallies and Tea Party meetings has THREE Crosses on it, intentionally and, from the time of one of the Highland Risings.

It’s the reason, DENIED by the “patriots”, that the flag aka the Southern Cross did not become the national flag of the fledgling United States. That and in the smoke from black powder muskets, cannon, rockets, rifles and pistols common around battles, it looked a lot like a British Scots regimental flag. Mustn’t have that, in battle a Flag is used to prevent your own forces from firing on your position.

The “founding fathers” so revered (get it? Tea party? Revere? hahahaha!) and held up as Idolatrous Standards who we are supposed to worship like Demigods… disagreed much amongst themselves. When somebody tells you some stupid shit about the “Original Intent of the Founding Fathers” remember that. John Adams, one of the Sons of Liberty founders, tried to have both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson arrested under the Sedition Act. Some defender of Free Speech, eh?

One of the many many things they disagreed upon was Church and State. Even those who actually WANTED a Church State and thus a State Church couldn’t agree on which Church should de facto run the State.

Which is where the Rebel Flag comes in, it was, like the Gott mit Uns motto, the Iron (knights) Cross and the swastika so revered by the Neos, a Crusader relic, medieval representations of two religious figures St Andrew of Scotland and St Patrick of Ireland. They’re incorporated after Elizabeth 1 “united” the UK, in the name of God, into the Union Jack which is the current British Flag.

On a Brit flag it’s two red crosses overlaying two white crosses, on the Scots rebel flag it’s one blue cross overlaying one white, on the Confederate battle flag in turn overlaid by a cross-shaped field of stars. The “southern cross” bit is a constellation that you can see from as far north as Key West Florida. The Righties deny it but it’s a Racist symbol every bit as much as the Knights Cross and the swastika and other relics of the Racist Crusades, and it was even before the Confederates used it to defend “States Rights” to use State Resources and State Police Powers for Private Corporations to own Human Beings.

The Knights Cross which the Skins use as their mostest favoritest tattoo and which was incorporated into the O.C. Choppers motif, is a crusader relic that refuses to die.

Another is their fondness for collecting trench knives, firearms, belt buckles etc with the words “Gott mit Uns” engraved into them. And the Knights Cross.

The Crusaders killed more Crusaders than anybody else did.

The Crusaders killed more Christians than they did Muslims.

Sal a Dinn could have more easily moved his forces out to the mountains and the Crusaders would have simply killed each other off… except, of course, the vast majority of the Muslims who actually WERE killed (along with the vast majority of Christians and Jews killed by the Crusaders) were Civilians.

Erik Prince of Blackwater, now Xe, worships at the feet of those Blasphemous Pukes.

So does the Trijicon gun sight manufacturer.

So do the Neo-Nazis, and their allies in the Minuteman/Tea Party Klan affiliates. Hey, if they’re going to play the guilt by association game against Leftists, nothing wrong with us throwing it back to them.

There’s an old joke about “what do you do when a (insert ethnic target of choice here) throws a grenade at you?”

You pick it up, pull the pin and throw it back.

I know, we’re going to hear much screaming from the Right and even from the Left about that. The Left are supposed to fold our hands and meekly accept their imagery of us and never say anything but “Thank you sir, may we have another?”

That’s a Stereotype the NeoCons like Malkin and Coulter try very hard to push off onto us. Helped by many “liberals” who praise them with faint damns.

I couldn’t find that chapter in my Liberal Handbook, I must have a faulty edition.

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