Guns at State Parks.

Showing the preventative nature of lots of heavily armed people in one small general area. Two separate parties, attended by separate groups, erupted into gunfire in which 2 people were killed at a State Park in Washington. Of course the Elmer Fudds will insist that if there had been MORE guns present then other groups could have joined in the free-fire zone and perhaps every single person killed would of course have been a “bad guy”. That’s what happens in the movies, right?
In the movies, though, Rambo took on first the entire state police apparatus of Oregon, and won.
Then took on the Police and Military apparatus of the DRVN, a nation which had just beaten the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines… and in the movie, the Lone Gunman won.
And then did the same thing in Afghanistan, with of course a little help from the Taliban.
For fans of the various representations of the Shootout at the OK Corral, The Earp Gang were fighting to be the Official Police Entity in Tombstone,AZ and were attempting to disarm the Clancy Faction.
That, according to the only member of the Earp Faction who survived long enough to write books and, surprise, Movie Scripts about the incident.
The Earp Faction had been town Marshalls before, in of all places Dodge City KS.
That would be the same real-life Dodge City which was the fictionalized scene with a Fictionalized Marshal, Matt Dillon, having shootouts in the streets of Dodge, even though Dodge City had an ordinance from the beginning, sponsored by the Railroad interests who built the town, forbidding the carrying of firearms in the streets of Dodge City.
In the movies people fire machine guns at each other while driving really damned stupidly through heavy traffic and in a surprise development the only people who get even injured in the car wrecks and gunfire are first the Hero’s Girlfriend (standard plot dramatic device) and then the entire gang of the Bad Guy and then, at the end, the Supreme Bad Guy himself.
Instead of, you know, two groups of drunken idiots with pistols and revolvers shooting it out because they had members who were STUPID and had no training in Civilized Discourse and felt that being in an argument equated to a License To Shoot The Other Parties in the argument.

People, if you’re not emotionally stable enough to get into a shouting match without it turning into a Shooting Match then you really don’t need to pack heat.
That might sound simplistic, but it’s very true.
If the Elmer Fudd Faction wants to continue to be allowed to pack heat, they need to argue NOT WITH LIBERAL GUN CONTROL ADVOCATES but instead with the Moron Faction among their comrades.

Because the Morons are going to force the issue, get it?

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