Headline: Baptists detained in Haiti trying to take kids across the border

Sounds bad, eh? Church people not being allowed to take kids out of the devastated country? Only, remember, AMERICAN Immigration policies and the really Racist Anti-Immigrant factions would find some way to make these church people and the kids suffer for such a decision.
If it had been as simple as allowing Haitians to migrate to the land of Their Corporate Owners unfettered it would have been done long ago. Another thing, and I’ll have to step gentle here, there’s a LOT of people who would jump at the chance to have Free Kids just for the price of pick-up and shipping. And a lot of them are what are politely called Predators.
Being a Church Going Christian isn’t exactly a recommendation anymore. Serial Killers and other forms of Sex Predators often use the name “christian” to hide their crimes.
Not that All or even MOST of the Christian people who want desperately to help in any way possible are that sort. But all it would take is ONE incident and the Right Wing Anti-Immigrant freaks will pounce like a half-starved cougar on a half-can of cat food.
Can you imagine what Dobbs would do with an opening like that? Michael Savage Weiner? Or more locally, Malkin and Tancredo?

The protocols surrounding Adoption are there for a reason, and it’s not to “keep the good people from adopting”.

It’s first and foremost to protect the kids.

Not just from the Wannabee Hannibal Lecters but also from the ravages of such Arrogant Pukes as the Minutemen. They’ll be subject to the latter regardless. We’ll be hearing from Malkin and Dobbs that they’re “Anchor Children” holding open a veritable floodgate of (not Racist, mind you, it’s only a “coincidence” that the people Dobbs and Malkin and Tancredo and Savage-Weiner want excluded are dark-skinned) Darkies “invading” America.

Just keep those perspectives in mind when reading the Outrage against Haiti for what the writers thereof perceive as denial of care to their children. There’s more than one or two sides to the story.

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