Hey, Breaking News! Investigations show Army misdiagnosed PTSD

As being “personality disorders” therefore they were skirting their liability in the cases. This from an AP headline. At least somebody is TRYING, apparently within the military establishment.
But the diagnoses were made years ago, and the counterdiagnoses of PTSD, made by independent sources, as in Not The Army and Not V.A., were ignored, mocked as irrelevant or called Outright Treason depending on how far to the Right the commentators were. Throw in Helmet Head and you get a sick chorus of hatred directed by the Army AT those members of the army who THEY broke.

Use them up and throw them away. The Corporate Model applied to workers in yet another node of Corporatism.
The effects of PTSD go far beyond behavioral disorders. Physical symptoms like stroke and heart failure, after abnormally rapid aging. Arthritis, muscle weakness and spasms, digestive disorders.

Combined with a “bad” discharge and or a medical report that says you’re mentally deficient, a slacker, prone to malingering, a “complainer”… economically devastated by being shut out of certain sectors of employment… combined with the physical and mental stress that’s already taking place, it’s a downward spiral and…

The Army God-damn knows it. A system of organized killing, would YOU be surprised that such a system would Eat their own as quickly as they would any external “enemy”?

Then there’s “helmet head”. Concussions. Some of the symptoms of concussion mimic alcoholism. Drug addiction, and yes, “crazy” behavior.

Be All That You Can Be. It’s such a very wonderful and Special opportunity to advance socially…

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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2 Responses to Hey, Breaking News! Investigations show Army misdiagnosed PTSD

  1. Avatar C says:

    That is terrible and just downright stealing from deserving troops in seek of compensation and therapy.What its okay if I screw you but dont screw me.Thats why I thanked God that every evil and wicked thing will be brought down in judgment. Yeah you cando it but you cant escape judgement.

  2. Right now they’re trying to shove the Cosmic “bills” for their evil off onto their children and ours, “unto the seventh generation”.
    And beyond really. The Army almost got smooth away with the Agent Orange denials until another government agency (the D.E.A.) reported that their spraying of Paraquat on Mexican marijuana fields in 1977-78 “was exploited by” desperate Mexican farmers to put American consumers at risk, because burning the chemicals “dioxins” found in Paraquat and the “related chemical Agent Orange, was known to cause destruction of the lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen and lymph systems, as was shown in the damage done to soldiers who were assigned to burn the vegetation killed by Agent Orange in VietNam which up until that point, the Army had been able to deny. And their Corporate Masters at Union Carbide and later Monsanto.

    The Army also tried to bury the story about Depleted Uranium causing such horrendous effects in the civilian population and the soldiers in Iraq and Kuwait. In doing so they buried quite a few soldiers and civilians. They’re still effectively denying it because the “free” Corporate Press owned by the same Corporations who control every action of the military, have buried the story with an “editorial” decision that the story isn’t worth pursuing. Big FAT chance this would get reported even on CBS or NBC, far less on FOX.

    They almost buried my cousin Hank with that particular coverup, in 2004 soldiers were unofficially Officially forbidden to talk about it. The Army was calling Gulf War Syndrome a made-up story sourced from lawyers who wanted to exploit the “liberal” court system with “outrageously frivolous lawsuits”.

    Sgt T. Hank Brown survives because he was aggressively treated for Uranium Poisoning. He stands 6′ 5″ (two meters) and before the intervening treatment that saved his life he weighed about a hundred pounds (45 kilos)

    They tried the same cover up, effectively too, in the Agent Orange case, the corporations which provided the chemicals (Union Carbide and Monsanto) AND the United States Government shared a judgment that gave about $10,000 apiece to those veterans who had already been diagnosed, AND that judgment was subsequently cut by more than half AND… limited to only those Veterans who had already been diagnosed… in 1983.

    Those who died later, like my landlady’s husband SSgt Howard Lanning, USAF, died uncounted and untreated and uncompensated. Oppression of Widows and Orphans on an organized scale, by people who claim to be Christian Warriors.

    It’s more than just sad, it’s an outrageous crime that continues, on and on and on.

    Such expenses and cares should be counted in the costs of War, but never are. One more very good reason to oppose it.

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