Hoam Skewl Trickle Down

El Paso County, Home School capital of the nation (seriously, I don’t remember where I read that, rare for me, but it was before I came up here) has a higher percentage of entry level college students who need remedial help in core subjects… (Whut you mean cavemen no eatum up dinosaur?Dobson say cavemans eats dinosaurs You say Dobson stoopit? Ogg think you lie!”)
But of course it can’t possibly be the fault of Home School and “certified” private academies which promise that Junior and Lil’l Sis Yokum won’t have to go to schools that have Darkies and Mixkin kids in the classes. Only way to edjmicate the younguns without them havin’ to listen to no Liberal Fag Agenda like science and mathematics and the proper use of the English language.

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