Honduras de-facto coup “president” given lifetime status

NOT the official president, kind of a Honduran Dick Cheney. Remember how the Right Wingers plagued us about “Constitutional! He can’t be president because the Constitution (that the U.S. forced on their nation) forbids it! Term Limits!”
Porfirio Lobo’s right hand man,Roberto Micheletti…… was granted the title of Legislator for life. Not ELECTED… appointed. Where will the Wrong Wing get their next plausible excuse for backing the repression?

By David Holmes Morris / The Rag Blog / January 17, 2010
As violent repression continues, the powers that be in Honduras have taken symbolic and substantive steps to consolidate the coup d’état that deposed President Manuel Zelaya last June 28.

“Constitutional” in the manner of our Constitution originally having been written by and for Slaveholders and Property owners, putting the lie to their Pigshit in the Declaration of Independence about “all men are created equal”. … except for slaves, bondservants, apprentices and anybody who didn’t own property. Or for that matter, women, American Indians, American Indian Women in slavery who didn’t own property, etc…


The unicameral legislature has voted to name de facto president Roberto Micheletti congressman for life, thus granting him immunity forever from prosecution for crimes committed in connection with the coup. Micheletti was president of the legislature at the time that body named him to replace Zelaya in an act defenders of the coup insist was a constitutional presidential succession.

Also in the news BIG news, BBC-America is asking the question “Did the U.S. engineer the coup?”

Well DUH!

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