How the Pigs have dealt with Homeless people historically.

Everything from Rudy G’s Death Squads (very conveniently placed for the purpose of murdering Immigrants and anybody else Mr G decided was Subhuman) to full-on Military assaults like the ones in Washington where American veterans were fired upon by American Soldiers led by General McArthur and then-Majors Dwight Eisenhower and Patton, ones the ChickenHawk Republican Establishment, then and now, consider “heroes’, the tent city of the miner’s strike in Ludlow, CO which was fired on by what’s now the Colorado National Guard using a Belt Fed Water Cooled Machine Gun. A generation earlier these Proud Militia Murdering Scum blew away another Tent City at Sand Creek, another at The Little Ouachita, led by one the White establishment of Colorado Springs considers a “hero” George A Custer. Who was later killed attempting another Mass Murder of a tent city in the Black Hills along the Little Bighorn. The “Homeless” in that case were assembled to protest the Government Sponsored invasion of treaty lands by Illegal Mining operations at among other places Deadwood.

Some of the Local Historians are now pushing the notion that “general” Custer had been betrayed by (of course) “liberals” back east and set up.

The unspoken theme behind it being the Natural Superiority of the Anglo Culture and the Superiol organization of the Army. Sound familiar? They use similar arguments for their abject failure to maintain the colonialist repression of VietNam and their current FAILURE to Conquer and subjugate the Iraqi and Afghan people.and their FAILURE to subjugate Somalia in 1992. Those Backward Inferior Races errrr “Cultures” couldn’t possibly have succumbed to the Noble, Superior and of course Squeaky Clean Morally Advanced culture of America. It had to be betrayal by the “liberals” rather than the fact that the “moral” grounds for invading these other countries and subjugating the people were purest bullshit.

Custer’s Comeuppance and the no-doubt equally humiliating defeat of the Mighty U.S. military in places like VietNam couldn’t possibly have happened because their underlying premise of Unrestricted Conquest is flawed at the core. It had to be, couldn’t be anything else, the Underminging of the Morale of the Immoral Troops by Left wing critics, like I’m doing right now.

Now they’re talking about reconquering the creek bottoms from the tent cities of the Homeless AGAIN. They’re going to sick the Colorado Springs Gestapo Department, their El Paso Gestapo Sheriff Department and, if necessary, the Racist Militia… on Americans who happen to be poor.

They’re ramping up their Hate Campaign against the Homeless in the Tame Propaganda Outlets like Fox and NBC and the Gazette, just like they did with the discredited Lies about WMDs in Iraq. Any excuse to Kill

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