Hypocrisy on the part of Big Oil? who woulda thunk it..

One argument against curtailing the use of gasoline is that “Oil is used in the manufacture of fertilizers, and pumping water, and delivering food…” ahem…
If the sorry Bastards who make that argument are really all that God-Damned concerned about the Poor, why do they waste the gasoline and diesel and fertilizers pushing around replacement penises in order to impress other Idiots? You would think that these modern Saints would, if they’re so very concerned for the poor, they would stop or slow down on their wasteful habits. Also, they would feel a little bit guilty about the people who are held, whole nations, in slavery at gunpoint to subsidize their waste of these resources.

What’s weirder than that, I’ve seen actually seen, Really… HumVees parked (on the street, of course, I guess they spent so much on the car they can’t afford a place to park it on their own damn property, they have to use Subsidized Public Streets to do it) in front of a house with a shrine to St Francis of Assissi in the yard. St Francis who was offered a ride once, and declined, saying “Our Savior never rode in a wagon, why should I be better?” WWJDAH? When would Jesus drive a hummer?

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