“hysteria” International special, “Interrogating Saddam”

“FBI Interrogator getting Saddam to give the truth about his WMDs without the use of torture”
!. The PIGS never ask any questions without violence or the threat of violence. It’s their Coward Way.
2.The first wave of troops over the border would have found the WMDs the hard way if they had even existed.
3. The PIGS already knew before throwing the first wave of soldiers over the border that the WMDS were a Fucking Lie. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown already admitted that.
4.The non-existence of those weapons was already established before Saddam Hussein was captured.

So what “truth” was the FBI Torture Freak trying to beat out of Saddam Hussein? Probably just wanted to see if he could make somebody grovel, PIGS are like that. They get sexually aroused by Power Trips. But, they STILL have simple minded “Back The Badge” MORONS believing every word they vomit from their lying PIG snouts. People realize this, and those who have fallen afoul of their Power Trips know full well they won’t get ANY justice in any AmeriKlan Kangaroo Kourt. That’s why they catch a PIG away from his buddies and simply off him. Put a .45 slug between his beady little piggy eyes.

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