I just THOUGHT it was another Columbine..

So, on the same day Pueblo County decided not to allow concealed handguns on Campus… (why would anybody even consider such a jackass move in the first place? Is America in a Downward I.Q. Spiral of some sort?) (Concealed Carry applies even if you have the gun on your hip…)
But what I thought was a Kid Taking Daddy’s Gun to school in his lunchbox, happens all too often… was instead a Grown-Up taking a hunting rifle to the school and just going student shootin’… “Be Vewwy vewwy quiet… I’m hunting KIDS!… huhuhuhhuhhuhhu…”

The Real-life Elmer Fudd, who is identified as a 32 year old man. even if they switched suspects somewhere the camera shows a fully grown adult male with a rifle… shooting kids as they left the school.

Back to the Pueblo County measure, they voted down, unanimously, an idea that was so spectacularly stupid it belongs in a Museum for Demented Stupid Concepts.

They’ll still get to carry tasers, mace and pepper spray.
Sure, taser somebody whose physical condition you don’t know, you don’t have any idea where to taser somebody without killing even a Healthy Individual, or maybe pop out the Chemical Weapons in an enclosed space where it’s almost guaranteed that at least one person is going to have breathing problems.

Those are simply Wonderful Ideas too.

Between exhaust fumes and industrial smog and the self inflicted woes of Cigarettes, kids born in the past 30 years have such a high incidence of asthma and related disorders the presence of somebody who’s gasping for air to begin with is a given.

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