If Katrina was sent from God to punish New Orleans…

As suggested by Hate-mongers like Sean Hannity… then surely Snowmageddon must have been sent to punish the Pentagon, the Financial Districts of NYC and Chicago, the CIA… It’s right now bearing down on Uber-Right Shreveport and Bossier City LA, and Jena, where the local Klan and the National Association for the Advancement of White Persons, and the National Association of Chiefs of Police, and other Nazi-related groups…

Gathered to “Back the Badge” when the Shreveport-Bossier City Racist PIGS shot a man in the back 8 times then claimed he was turned around pointing a gun at them. He was unarmed. The Murdering Fascist PIGS were never charged, but that doesn’t stop the Crybaby Right Wing Freaks (Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, Malkin, Limbaugh, the entire spectrum of professional Hate-mongers) from claiming that the Murderers were the victims.

To that mindset, talking back or criticizing is considered “assault” and they’ll commit actual assaults to “defend” their comrades.

So now the Capitals of Capitalism are being hit with a “natural” disaster of their own making, (Shreveport is also a major Oil Town) putting temporary profiteering above actual caring for the Earth, and yes, this storm system is aggravated by the global warming. The shifts in ocean currents are caused directly by Global Warming.

The same Global Warming the Uber-fascists pay large amounts of money to deny.
But that’s just their propaganda arm, The Fox Ministry of Lies.

The serious Nazis at the Pentagon and the CIA have been shaping their own policy and stategies around the very obvious Elephant-in-the-Parlour Climate Change. The Big-Pigs in the financial sector, the same way.

As in any OTHER manifestation of True Fascism, the Military, Police, Financial and Industry are run by the same Cartel, integrated deeply within each others “separate” divisions of the Corporate Government.

Their Hate Speech Propaganda division at Fox and Friends aren’t going to point that out though.

They’ll say that the earthquake that worsened the Capitalist Devastation already wrought upon the people of Haiti is punishment from God because the Haitian people rejected their figurative and physical Slave shackles.

When the natural disaster is on the other foot, though, Hannity and Beck and Dobbs and Robertson, they fall silent about the “Wrath of God” routine.

Gee, I wonder why… maybe it’s because they’re Paid to promote their Hate Agenda, not to detract from it with silly little things like Facts.

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