If Toyota has a “tarnished reputation” for voluntarily recalling cars…

What does that make Wal-Mart and their seemingly endless resources of Manufacturers pushing products that get recalled not just by the United States Corporate-Owned “watchdog” Lapdog Agencies, products that mostly are marketed as toys or furnishings for Kids? But also by the Chinese agencies, legendary for their diligence in regulating industries. Cadmium in kid’s jewelry, tainted milk, lead based paint on toys, Jesus, why not just give the kids a chainsaw and a blindfold for their birthday, at least it would be faster.
I was at their Customer Service desk yesterday buying a money order, there’s a bulletin board chock full of Recalled Products and most of them NOT voluntary.

The best you can say for the manufacturers is they cooperated, After the Fact, because of fears of civil lawsuits.
Whoa, now, Civil Suits? You mean, the Tort System actually sometimes DOES work?

But those interested more in protecting the “Liberty” of Corporate polluters, in the case of the Tainted Foods and Shoddy Products they make the people actually PAY for privilege of being maimed or poisoned by their products… say that Tort Law goes too far, and needs to be “reformed”, meaning, granting the Very Rich a free license to kill the poor.

Live better. Save Money. Give your Kids bad food and worse toys. WalMart.

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