If you really don’t want to kill civilians, don’t point loaded guns at them.

I tell you what, if Bibi actually gets away with this shit, based on the defense he’s mounting, then Death Row inmates across America will be rejoicing. What’s the difference between Armed Robbery and Capital Murder? A twitch of the finger.
Israel and the U.S. have this habit of (AFTER killing usually large numbers of Civilians in “accidents”) insisting that they trained their Soldier/Cops to “minimize the risk” of blowing away civilians. That’s a God-Damn lie. If they were to do “everything we can” to not kill civilians, one of the first and the most important elements of such a policy would be Not Shooting In Their Direction. When IDF blew away KIDS in Gaza they accused the Palestinians of the murders that were committed through bullets coming from Israeli Galil Rifles (a reworked AK-47 that fires U.S. standard .30 caliber rounds) held by Israeli soldiers. In an action where the IDF were actively invading a country they themselves had formally recognized as being Not Israel.
Guess that when you declare a region to be SEMI autonomous it’s like what my cousin used to laugh about in advertising… a Semi-Boneless Steak. Does it have bones in it or not?
But a Semi-Autonomous country is one in which the Ruling Imperial Nation tells the peasants they won’t get any benefits of Citizenship but still have to obey King Benjamin Netanyahu.

And if the Peasants dare object to being declared not second, third or ANY class of citizen, but declared to be Subject to the governing whim of the IDF Master Race… then it’s Their Fault that the IDF Gestapo/slash/TotenKopfSchutzStaffl murder their Kids.

Bibi is calling the Murders aboard the relief ships a “Botched Raid”.
Oh, and King Bibi is having who, exactly, handle the evidence, as in the shot up boats, the bodies of the victims, the Murder Weapons?

Why, Good Righteous Courageous King Benjamin is having the Murderers Themselves do the investigation. This is like when American Pigs murder somebody, who gets to investigate the Police Claims of “suicide by cop”? The Internal Affairs Division, of course.

Let me remind our readers (and Our Readers should recognize that I’m not actually asking their permission to say anything) that having the Police in any form, including the IDF Commando Murder Teams, investigate murders committed by their Fellow Cops will GUARANTEE that the Murderous PIGS will be acquitted and the victims blamed for their own deaths.

Look for, in the next three weeks, an IDF “investigation” to Clear The Commando MURDER Team of any wrongdoing. It’s the way PIGS always do it, their Pigs and Our Pigs.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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3 Responses to If you really don’t want to kill civilians, don’t point loaded guns at them.

  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Do you really think that Netanyahu and your beloved Barack Obama, Jonah, did not commit TOGETHER Premeditated Murder this Memorial Weekend?

  2. Yes, it’s terrible how badly I censor you. On the other hand, the suggestion that the whole incident would never have happened if Obama had never been elected doesn’t exactly ring true.

    The Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights were “annexed as security zones” when I was a child, and I’m older than Obama.
    The previous president, you might recall, didn’t restrain the Israeli “raid” on Gaza either. The Israeli people actually didn’t overwhelmingly elect Benjamin Netanyahu, his party got fewer than 30% of the vote and got put into what power they have by making deals with some truly screwed up minority parties that are even further to the right than Likud.

    But of course, it was Barack Obama who started the whole war. Had to be.

    Of course you’re right, sir…
    it WAS a deer… now if you don’t mind pointing the rifle some other direction, let me get my saddle off it and it’s all yours…

  3. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    What I love about you, Jonah, is how you constantly state positions that other people haven’t taken at all (straw!!!straw!!!straw!!) and them argue against them. This one single paragraph by you states 2 things that supposedly I have said and neither one of your claims is in the least bit true. Incredible!

    ‘Yes, it’s terrible how badly I censor you. (I never said that though, Jonah! I have never stated that you censor me, so WTF are you talking about?) On the other hand, the suggestion that the whole incident would never have happened if Obama had never been elected doesn’t exactly ring true.” (I never said that or suggested that either! WTF are you talking about again? You just fabricate this stuff up off the top of your own weird head! But it did actually happen with Obomber at the helm, and so did the BP gusher and the Massey mine disaster, too. He is in office at the White House, Dude. Get with it!)

    Eric obviously doesn’t care whether the blog has a person of your lack of integrity or sanity writing for it. Sad… But then again, Eric himself is not so unlike you himself. Sad too… Jonah, you are simply one of the most pathetic apologists for the Democratic Party I have ever seen. If not the absolute worst of them all?! It’s just really sad stuff.

    ‘But of course, it was Barack Obama who started the whole war. Had to be.’

    More straw on your part, Jonah. I certainly didn’t say he has started’ the whole war’ at all, now did I? But he’s continuing ‘the whole war’ and probably all the way into Iran. Not to worry though. You’ll come up with apologies for them, the Biden/ Obomber/ Hillary team, when they do just that…. go to Iran with tehir war making I’m sure you will! You’re as predictable as a bad book.

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