I’m waiting on the announcement on the news…

The Chirpy-Twerpy anchorwoman on News5 said “homeless crime on the rise, what some are planning to do about it”
So, every time somebody who is Homeless gets accused of a crime, the same assmunch cowards, like Miss Malkin and her Minuteman accomplices, are going to be screaming about Homeless criminals. Will they do the same thing for everybody who is accused or even convicted of a crime who is NOT Homeless? No. They’ve shown that with their Massive Hate Campaign against Immigrants, documented or not, against persons of Hispanic descent even if THEIR families have lived in this area since before the Spanish came, conquered them and forced them to take Spanish names, Centuries before the English “conquistadores” took their turn at it. So the Minutemen Coward Militia are poised to declare their own version of Martial Law on the streets of Colorado Springs, stopping people at gunpoint if they “look” Homeless the same way they stop people at gunpoint for “looking” Mex, or Arab, or Black… for instance if you ride a bicycle and carry a backpack. Unless you’re one of the Rich Bitches who ride for fun or exercise, that’s how you carry Anything on a bicycle.

The Minutemen and their fellow Haters have been espousing the ideas for more than a decade that Bicyclists should be punished, even to the point of Death, for “blocking THEIR streets”. When braced up about it, they laugh and say it’s a joke.

Here’s a joke, every homeless person, every bicycle rider or Minimum Wage working Poor, regardless of housing status, should start carrying a flare pistol, which is a very short barrel 12 gauge, and when some asshole in a HumVee blocks OUR traffic, or some Minuteman asks for somebody’s I.D. because he “looks” homeless, that person should stick the flare pistol cheater loaded with a 12g Short round, and just blow that fat smug piggy face to the back of his empty Minuteman skull.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… What, no sense of humor? It’s a JOKE! Like the Right Wing Hate Speech purveyors like Gunny Bob and the other asshole Cowards on Hate Radio saying you should drive as close as possible to a bike and force him to eat the curb, and extra points if he dies from his injuries.

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