In lighter news from the BBC…

Well, not too much lighter, it involves explosives and somebody WAS injured…
A Russian farmer from their East Coast aka Siberia was convicted of planting land mines in his potato field. To discourage thieves. I’m sure it would, if people know there were land mines there. Somebody didn’t. Thus the severe injuries. Russian cops aren’t like they used to be, the farmer got a suspended sentence.
Maybe it’s because he’s around 90 years old.

He made the three mines in his shed.
The part that gets me, because I actually DO potatoes, the hardest part of cultivating potatoes is digging them up. Round about the end of winter, the potatoes at the bottom of your bin are starting to sprout, you just cut them up and put them in dirt, and God does the rest.

But, Stealing potatoes. I’ve been ripped off before for some really STOOPIT shit.
A bicycle which had been hit by a car, the frame was just slightly off center, the inner tubes held together by fix-a-flat, a duct tape seat cover… rideable, but barely. Just for instance. Sometimes I think people steal just from habit, to stay in practice.

Land mines is a little extremist though.

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