In other news… there was an Earthquake in Haiti today.

More time was spent telling us about Jay Leno and Conan O’Brian though. And that on NBC. Oh and something about a baseball player and steroids. Not much point talking about Haiti, though, it’s just another 3rd world nation filled with mostly dark skinned persons, nothing to see here, citizen, keep moving, nothing to see.

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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20 Responses to In other news… there was an Earthquake in Haiti today.

  1. Avatar mike says:

    in that ever-fickle site named Facebook, the talk was all about American Idol. Haiti, completely absent. I wonder if my comment about a collapsed hospital in Haiti will make people at least wipe the drool off their faces.

  2. Avatar Cat says:

    Please give Americans a little more credit. Many people watching American Idol weren’t aware of the earthquake. It didn’t happen until almost 5pm EST.
    CNN has continuing coverage of this event but you would think that by reading the headline of this article. Sometimes the media reports on catastrophic events periodically when they initially happen but increase coverage depending on the severity of the event.

  3. And as you say, American Idol was on.

    In the first weeks of the Iraq Occupation that was about the only thing on that wasn’t War Talk. Idolatry is the word.

    It’s just in time to rescue the redirectors of our national psyche. People were getting tired of the Tiger stories, despite the Network Coalition exerting their most strenuous efforts to keep us Giving A Damn about that particular non-story.

    I was in Ft Worth, Kelly WhatsHerFace was steaming up in the Eliminations, and… she was a local girl. The local news alternated between War Preparations from Ft Hood and Ft Sill and the local air bases… with Kelly. Her Church, the Last Baptist Church of Burleson, was having Prayer Meetings (!!!) so she would become an Idol. Funny, I always thought of Idolatry as being contrary to standard Baptist preaching.

    The social disease isn’t anything new.

    If you put Tiger Woods and Haiti in the search box of Google right now, I’d almost bet that you’d get two pages of Tiger before getting any hits on Haiti, and then it would be about Tiger Woods saying something months ago about Haiti.

    I will bet that the extreme poverty, worsened by the extreme sanctions put in place by Our Government, will be mentioned as contributing to the devastation. Minus the part about the extreme sanctions.

  4. Too bad about Haiti. But it is quite obvious that the “people of color” are unable to protect themselves against even natural disasters, let alone govern themselves effectively. As Harry Reid’s grandfather said, “If I had known this, I would have picked my own damn cotton.”

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The National Palace, subsidized by American and French persons of color (pinkish beige is a color too) for the purpose of keeping the darker persons of color in line, and once hosted (still does, Klan-like organizations thrive under conditions of isolation enforced by outside agents, like say, Big Brother AmeriKKKa) Le Tonton Macoute.
    That’s the French way of saying Boogyman and the Haitian Way of saying Colonialist Secret Police and Murder Squads.

    I suppose many of the Elites in American “libert”arian circles would rather have the Duvaliers back in power permantly. “Duvalier” is the Haitian equivalent of saying “White Power”.

    Nice to see that slavery is still considered a joke in the L party.

    I bet there’s going to be at least two Confederate Slave Flags flown at tomorrow’s Republican Goober natorial Rally downtown Springs.

    Say, isn’t that candidate y’all are running the same Goober who claims that funding Autism research and educational services is “rewarding bad behavior”?

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    point being, though, there’s quite a lot of “serious fluff” which would sound like a contradiction in terms going on in the way Americans are fed the news lately.

    As was pointed out, it’s trickled down into the Internet, wherein the real news usually can be found, despite the blanket (shroud, actually) of Fake News or even manufactured News wrapped around everything serious.

    Nothing in the local (provincial U.S.)News, for instance, about the Torture Shaikh getting off in a blatant Reverse Kangaroo Kourt in Abu Dhabi, nor the Baghdad Five getting off in a similar Rigged Non-Trial closer to home.
    Nor anything on the NBC news far less Fox, about the two Blackwater-Xe Death Squad members being finally charged in America for a pair of murders they committed back in May. Nothing to see here, citizen, keep moving, nothing to see.

    Plenty of Tiger, though.

  7. Avatar pcm says:

    If you text “Haiti” to 90999, you can charge a $10 Red Cross donation to your cell phone bill. By the way, Mike, I got that off Facebook. Maybe your contacts are not as informed. Might want to expand your friends to include socially conscience people.

  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The local news 5 estimated it at a half million dead. The land (lots of it) is owned by sugar and tobacco corporations, the people were and are always desperately poor. No land for farmholds, community gardens… even worse than in Honduras and Guatemala. Although once your entire nation is owned by Foreign or Multinational corporations it’s a matter of degrees and not many degrees either.

    Even News 5 and to an extent Fox(!!!) are actually reporting that.

    Public education, what Public Education? It’s private schools for the rich and everybody else gets to scratch with the non-existent chickens. I’m sure they get Vouchers for a tax rebate to send their kids to the Parochial Schools.

    The “free” market at its very finest.

    So without land to farm or to homestead, the people crowded into massive slums. What else could they do? When they tried to put in Land Reform, their president was declared a Marxist the “free” marketeers.

    How are they going to sweep a half million corpses under the Propaganda Rug? I guess we’re going to find out.

    It didn’t have to be that bad.I heard a newswoman chirping last night that the poorer people would fare pretty good because their houses were lightweight and made of sticks and tin. (basic paraphrase) and I had this vision of tin roofs collapsing… not a pretty image. I haven’t looked at the pictures yet.

    Maybe, you know, it’s got a lot to do with what I call the Siddhartha Complex. Most Americans never see slum conditions like that.

    Estimated, a half million.

  9. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Very large understatement, caught twice in the past 15 minutes “Life in Haiti is never easy even on a GOOD day….”

  10. Avatar Amy says:

    Ouch at Mr. Slivka. Which i do not disagree. “People of color” tear down anything anyone builds for them. Don’t get me wrong. Not all of them. As for Haiti the catastrophe is tragic and i send my blessing and prayers and although to some it ma not be enough, but it is all i can do for now.

  11. Well, the People of Color have never actually run things in Haiti.

    Speaking from a hideous authority, here, as in, one of my great great grandfathers was actually a slaveowner… the Slaveowners didn’t build ANYTHING for the slaves, it was the other way around.

    I’m not proud of it. The wealth of the South was built by forced labor and the Rich didn’t do Jack Shit to earn that wealth. Much the same way Corporations do it today.
    Newt Gingrich would be loathe to admit that. It just happens to be true.

    The wealth of Haiti has been shipped out to various colonial rulers for 500 years. Kind of like the way the Wealth of Iraq is being shipped out to Corporate Owners like Bush, Gingrich, Cheney, Palin, who also didn’t do Jack Shit to earn it, they wouldn’t even lift a finger to trigger to conquer the land. They instead rely mostly on People of Color to do their conquest for them, far disproportionate to the percentage the People of Color in the general population of the United States.

    But the people of Color in Iraq should be grateful to Cheney and Bush and Gingrich etc for building their civilization for them. And, you know, Killing their Kids. Just like the Colonial and now, Neo-Colonial rulers and sole beneficiaries of the wealth of Haiti.

  12. Avatar anonymous says:

    i think the opening comment of this topic is extremely biased and typical ignorance was involved in that status….and the ‘dark skinned’ people of haiti are in extreme poverty with hardly any essential resources. I think the world needs to look at the results of that earthquake and empathise with the victims of that natural disaster, to realise the depth of remorse that is felt in their saddened hearts……xx

  13. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I believe that’s what I tried to put across. I personally find the sudden loss of a half million of my brothers to be devastating.

    If there’s an upside to this, it’s that a lot of people who were formerly condemning the Third Worlders as being somehow inferior, and thus visiting these problems on themselves with no interaction at all from the First Worlders, who just by a coincidence run the governments of the Third World for their own profit…

    Those people who had a certain ennui leading to or perhaps from hubris, suddenly see in graphic horrifying Living (and dead) Color where the logical end of the “Exploit the Third World, it doesn’t matter and they should be grateful to work for Our Superior Society” attitude.

    Maybe some of them will, who knows, most of them, wake the Hell up to what’s been done in our name to the people of Haiti. Haiti is only one of the poorest nations, there are others that have even less distributed among the people. Afghanistan, for instance.

    Ethiopia/Eritrea/Somalia, the Bible recounts their country as Nubia and it was hugely rich, rivaling the Egyptian and Babylonian empires in wealth. The resources still exist, they’re just owned by Nestle, Inc. and a handful of other Corporate Emperors.

    Then there’s the degenerate souls who will probably never be enlightened, try as they might. Pat Robertson for instance. I hear Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are backing him up on his racist comments, no surprise there. His virulent racism especially toward the Third World is a close match to theirs. Maybe I should edit the sentence, put it in block quotes. Since it’s not MY sentiment at all.

    I know quite a few people who believe that any “sons of Ham” are cursed forever to be slaves.

    Related to many, actually. I can picture just with a stray thought how they’re going to react to the “persecution” of Poor Pat Robertson for his “Christianity”. There’s another post entitled “my God this is stupid” very close to this one. I wrote that one too.

  14. Avatar Emily says:

    As always, it must be the Jews fault…right? You racist twits.

  15. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Emily, BJ may be a buffoon, but he never even mentioned the Jews here. You’re the buffoon that brought that theme up, so what’s your agenda for doing so?

  16. Avatar Tamyanna Graves says:

    I think that everyone needs to stop all the arguments and realize that haiti is in need of everyone’s help and many americans are helping. nothing else really matters just HELP them any way you can.

  17. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Sure they need ‘help’, and they are not going to get it except as in the same old form of occupation military forces doling out a few centavos. If you add your own personal centavos into the jack pot, it still amounts to naught.

    Americans always seem to look to a personal response to their huge messes instead of trying to get a responsible US government into place. Meanwhile the entire military-governmental complex keeps on looting from both them and us.

  18. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Which was also noted, P.E. by moi meme sui.
    The post is about 3 or 4 up from this one, but sending guns to Haiti when they need butter, also infrastructure, an economy that’s locally controlled rather than controlled by World Bank or IMF… true liberty for the first time in their long history… doesn’t seem like a wise investment.

    I like Hugo Chavez’ idea on that, to have a 5th International.

    One thing that WILL guarantee your contribution getting to Haiti instead of some Swiss bank account, contribute to the organizations the U.S. government finds most odious, two of them are Swiss based in fact… International Red Cross and Medicins Sans Frontiers (doctors without borders)

    At the very least you’d have a much better chance of your widow’s mite making it to the people than if you give to ANY organization that has George Bush (or any of his family) at or near the top.

    If you see the name “Bush” on the list of Board of Trustees run away… run away very fast. That’s not a slander on the name Bush.

    George Bush and his brothers are a slander on the name Bush.
    Also, note that the Heritage Foundation suggested the move made yesterday, in appointing Bush-Clinton as the official charity.

    The Anachists and Socialists were quicker to respond than the organized governments, and are still responding.

    Cuba sent doctors. It’s what they do. Papa Fidel found out long ago that it’s cheaper in the short term and more cost effective in the long run to send doctors than send soldiers. It’s one of the biggest needs in the Third World and Cuba has been stepping up to the plate for the past 50 years. (give or take a couple)

    That’s the kind of “international” mission that Haiti needs most, as well as the rest of the local nations.

    It would interfere with some very rich corporations making a profit, though. So there’ll be quite a bit of resistance to it, highly organized and heavily funded.

  19. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Each and every time a disaster happens, the American people seem to respond in the exact same way. They want to give a dollar here and a dollar there, and to send the victims cookies and blankets. That was the response during Christmas rush to the growing number of American homeless becoming increasingly more visible in communities. Too, it was the response by Americans to the Asian tsunami that left hundreds of thousands dead there.

    It really is a response that by and large does nothing for those hurt and abdicates any personal of our population’s responsibility for the American government policies that continually have a multiplier effect to the damage when natural disasters do hit anywhere around the globe.

    Corrupt governments, the negative effects of the US Empire’s military and economic imperialism, and the accumulative harms of poverty turn the whole situation with these weather and geological events into a horrible level of trauma for those directly hit. And we all feel the pain of watching what unfolds and want to ‘care’. Sadly, that liberal ‘care’ usually is totally superficial and we forget about these victims the minute our soiety’s corporate media centers in on some new tragedy for us. It’s all rather demoralizing and disgusting really to see how our national culture reacts by throwing pennies in charity to the folk that totally need a decent government response, and not just more manipulation of their poverty by the elites that run things. And the momentary fall of gigantic tear drops of big hearted American liberal types that you can’t ever get to do a real damn political thing all of the time, does not really impress in a positive way. Victims of these disasters need more than this shallow ‘aid’ Americans offer them for a sec or two.

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