Indictment for Times Square ham actor

Gee, you would think that the people who make money off continued warfare, you know, would hire better talent. Faisal Shahzad allegedly graduated from an American university with an engineering degree and knows nothing about how to set a very large very quick fire using gasoline fumes and a spark. Allegedly also trained as an “explosives expert” by al Qa’eda, since when? A lot of the bombs going off in Iraq, (depending on whose narrative, ALL of them) are designed and deployed by al Qa’eda. Very efficient, very deadly. Not many misfires.

The “trained al Qa’eda expert” somehow missed the notions of stealing a car to transport the alleged “bomb”, stealing explosives, buying black powder untraceably at a gun show, instead of firecrackers, I was about to say “either” didn’t leave real gasoline or…? There isn’t any other to match “or”. A car filled with gasoline fumes, propane fumes, air and with a spark that enough to (allegedly) ignite the fuses on fireworks would have exploded.

There would have been People-burger embedded in the interior walls of the surrounding buildings, the exterior walls would have been blown in and the people-burger.

He also turns and SMILES for the security camera at the fireworks stand. Mugs and hams it up for the security cameras on the street where he parked the car with the Very Big and Very Obvious so-called “timer” visible from the windshield and in the entrance to the alley where he “made his getaway” then, after three days, his picture all over the internet, billboards, on TV, casually tries to board an airplane to Riyad.

Who does shit like that? Somebody who’s pretending to be a Mad Bomber and wants nationwide attention to a “bomb plot”.

Who pays for it, sets it up? Somebody or a collection of Somebodies who is/are making money from terrorism. The ones who made out like the Bandits they truly are, with War Profiteering and selling useless Junk Profiteering for the Police State, are a who’s who of American Corporate Elite. And career Police State goons like Homeland (in)Security and the Pentagon.

A few likely scenarios… The Ham Actor get’s convicted in a show trial, is carted off in a black sedan and never seen again, probable cause is that he’s released as soon as nobody’s looking, given his paycheck and his plane ticket to Bumfukt Egypt.

The entire scam is revealed as a scam, somebody with an impressively large title at DHS or the Pentagon says it was just a test, Homeland Security, FBI and the NYPD performed their jobs well, much morality play crap about “It COULD have happened if not for the brilliant yet underfunded and shackled by Civil Liberties Police State Apparatus.”


Almost same scenario, “The DHS and FBI failed Miserably, but could do better with more funding and fewer Civil Liberties”

And in any of the three cases handed a blank check.

A quick and, believe me, not very willing reference to IDF and Israel in all of this. Because somebody tried to redirect the theme of the last few posts questioning this SCAM to the Israel/Palestine issue, heavily weighted in favor of “proving” that IDF are just a bunch of lovable goofs, nice Jewish boys who try their very best not to commit any war crimes. I had to pointedly bring it back to the central theme that this whole “bomb” incident stinks like last months sushi.

Aside from the pro-IDF “info-warrior” putting that link in, there’s nothing linking Israel to the “bomb plot” SCAM.

Nor to the Panty Bomber nor to the Denver man allegedly trying to make a bomb from Nail Polish Remover, bought in tiny amounts at Dollar Stores, again mugging for the cameras, even though the chemical needed (methyl ether Ketone) can be bought in five gallon cans, no questions asked, at any WalMart, KMart, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc etc etc. in America.

We’re being sold a long string of really incredibly stupid lies, but you know how? Chemistry and other science classes aren’t required in schools across the nation. Most Americans haven’t learned anything at all about basic chemistry. Bombs are really simple and we’re being told that only “Experts” with advanced knowledge can put one together.

It’s a very large stinky crock o’ Shit.

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