Iraq tells Blackwater to vamoose.

Not that Blackwater “has” quoted for relevance any employees there. They had employees there, the employees are still there, just technically don’t work for Blackwater. They were there, as Blackwater Employees, when the Blackwater Babykillers for hire blew away 17 Iraqi civilians at an intersection. Erik Prince says he has no employees there. A technicality. Which is a fancy word for “Lying”. The Iraq security forces have the names of the “non” employees and the names of the companies where they now work.

They were given 7 days to leave, 3 days ago. That means they (a) couldn’t for some reason find transport out of Iraq or (b) They’re attempting to big-ass the Iraqis. Sell them a hog. Run a bluff.

And Blackwater, if they succeed, gets to keep a hundred or so of its key intelligence operatives in Iraq simply by having them disguised as employees of other agencies.

In a related move, Iraq is demanding that every security firm working in Iraq register all of its weapons. The implication of it is, the “security” mercenary Babykillers-for-hire aren’t actually complying. And that there are other murders than the ones in which Blackwater participated and the Iraqi Police would need to have the ballistics information on the weapons.

What will the U.S. Imperial Storm Troopers errr “Liberators” do, will they actually back the Iraqi claims, especially since those claims are legitimate, or will they simply pull another Fallujah on behalf of their Mercenary Babykillers for Hire? As though we, the American people who are ultimately going to foot the bill, financial and moral, for this enormous Snake Orgy Cluster Freak… actually owe the Blackwater and other Mercenary Thugs anything. Which we don’t.

There’s no honor.
there’s no duty.
there’s no Service..provided by them.

Their license to murder is being pulled and now, they’re going to try to hold onto as much of their original deal as possible and hope the Bu’ush Regime is restored to its former glory. Kind of like Odessa. or the Werewolves.

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