“It’s God’s Punishment on the U.S. and Chile for State-sponsored Terrorism”

Why not? The Reich Wing tried it with Katrina, with Haiti, Sumatra… Hell (literally) Our Phriend Pastor Phred Phelps even said it of 9/11.
Speaking of course of the Very recent earthquake in Chile and the resulting tsunami which may or may not threaten the West Coast and Hawaii… both U.S. properties.

I suppose that includes Lion’s Gate, aka Vancouver BC.
Neither Chile nor the U.S. have clean hands when it comes to Human Rights abuses. In fact, one of the “enabling mass murder” charges against Henry Kissinger involves the Very Guilty Chilean government.

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1 Response to “It’s God’s Punishment on the U.S. and Chile for State-sponsored Terrorism”

  1. God doesn’t directly punish humanity for their collective sins. However, by standing back and allowing us to punish ourselves…

    The Tsunami is expected to wash ashore in the northern regions, including Hawaii, about Damn, right about NOW.

    What wasn’t mentioned in the AP article, is that it’s probably going to go to the Indian Ocean as well. East Africa, India, Australia, Dubai.

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