Japanese activists steal whale meat… here’s why…

A court in northern Japan found two Greenpeace activists guilty Monday for stealing whale meat, but suspended their sentences, Greenpeace Japan said.

The Aomori District Court ruled that the activists, Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, will only have to serve one-year terms if they commit a crime in the next three years, Greenpeace said.

In a press conference after the verdict, Sato said Greenpeace would appeal the case. He said Monday’s sentence was “unfair” and “preventing the citizens’ right to know.”

Activism101, getting busted is sometimes the only way the truth comes out. If they had BOUGHT the whale-meat and then tried to use it as evidence, they would have essentially “evidence” that they were in possession of whale meat. Nothing more.

With charges filed against them for stealing whale meat from a Government subsidized supplier, that changes. The government, by pressing charges, admits the truth that they’re actually selling Whale Meat, illegally. And documenting it with their actions.

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