Jesus “palled around with Terrorists”

One of His disciples was named “Zelotes”. That’s just a start. Peter, James and Andrew weren’t very nice guys either, Peter definitely was a Zealot, an “insurgent” who had a little bit of very obvious skill with a sword. Since the only people in Judea who were allowed to carry swords were the Temple Guards and the Romans, (because the others would casually murder a Roman Pig or three) and Peter threw down on one of the Professional Swordsmen at the Mount of Olives.
And survived… If Malchus (the swordsman) hadn’t ducked, it would have been considerably more than getting his ear sliced off.

I think ol’ Pete was aiming to split the punks wig, nobody aims to cut off your ear in a real fight.

But here’s the deal, in order to actually effectively use a sword you have to be trained to do it. It’s net nearly as easy as picking up a gun, pointing it in the general direction of the person you want to murder and squeezing the trigger. If somebody who doesn’t know how to wield a sword goes one-on-one against somebody who does, it doesn’t even matter if the Trained Swordsman has a sword in his hand at the time, because he would in short order have the sword of the untrained person in one hand, and the persons hair in the other, and be slitting his throat.

That’s the level of difference training makes.Peter knew how to use the sword, or he would have died on the spot.

And he wasn’t one of those officially licensed to carry the sword. That spells Zee ee ay ell oh tee
Insurgent, rebel, unlawful combatant… terrorist.

Middle Eastern Arabian Peninsula Terrorist.

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