Jingoistic reporting of Olympic Games

A little bit of put-down about the President of Brazil only having one name. Had made a shout out to Brazilian athletes to put on their best performance because “hey, we’re not hosting this just to let a bunch of gringoes win all the medals” The American sportscasters were laughing at that and insinuating that he was “out on a limb”.
What about all the Jingoistic crap Bush spewed out for 8 years?

Judging from the comments, our kids really isn’t learning.

Not so subtle snotty reference to the possibility that the 2020 games might be hosted in Africa. Like The Eurocentric nations are the only ones capable hosting the games.

Maybe they’re waiting for Kuwait or Saudi Arabia to lose a hockey game so they can crow that it proves American Capitalist “christian” Superiority… Like they did with the “Miracle on Ice” with the Russians.

Of course the Russians beating the U.S. Basketball team in Munich in 1972 was “Because the Russians cheated”. Couldn’t possibly be any other explanation. The entire team still refuses to accept the Silver Medals. Waaaaaa… waaaaaa… waaaaa…

There’s a Texas term for that “Titty babies.”

Some elements of their schpiel could have been written by Limbaugh’s scriptwriter.

But they had a really neat presentation by the First Nations leaders welcoming the athletes, a modified Medicine Wheel ritual. Freakin’ BEAUTIFUL. The Chinese displays with thousands of Choreographed Uniformed Cogs In The Machine light show couldn’t compete, the Indians were not a one of them wearing any kind of uniform.

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