La Migra officer killed in shootout (maybe with the militia?)

With “bandits” who prey on “illegals”. Aside from the racist snipe about La Migra actually PROTECTING the poor stupid “illegals” in a paternalist… nah “Fraternal” manner, kind of like an elder sibling, a Big Brother if you will.
The only bandits I know of who routinely prey on migrant workers are American. Like the Minutemen. Funny, too, how any other group of organized and experienced Bandits would want to rob the guys coming in, which would be their only shot at them. But coming in, they would be fairly close to broke. You’d make more money robbing a 7-11. Or dealing drugs, and if a measurable fraction of the hysteria generated by among others, propagandists for the Border Patrol and propagandists for the MinuteTards, were true, then the big money would be in dope.
Or smuggling workers.
Shaking down the workers leaving, going back, eh. They’d be catching these really neat Mexican owned bus lines like Coches Del Norte. Get on the bus in LA or Houston or Nueva Jork and ride all the way to downtown Juarez or Matamoros or TJ. In a bus that rivals Greyhound for comfort. You wouldn’t have the problem of smuggling yuurself back. The choke-point only points one direction.

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