Let them eat cake part however many you wish…

FR: Dee Brown

The following is an email from the City of Colorado Springs Help Desk support product.
CASE_ID_NUM: 10-073910
********************** The message for you follows ************************

Thank you for taking the time to alert the Streetlight Deactivation Team of your concerns. As you may know, the team was created to systematically turn off roughly one-third of the City’s streetlights as a way to save more than $1.2 million annually for essential public services. In setting priorities, the team established criteria to use when deciding which lights to leave on, including (but not limited to): lights near intersections with traffic signals, lights near schools and hospitals, and lights near mid-block crosswalks.

After careful review the team has determined that the criteria were appropriately followed in the case of the streetlight you mention and therefore will not be turned back on. We are sorry for any resulting inconveniences.

Deactivated streetlights are candidates for a new streetlight adoption program. Interested (meaning “Wealthy”) citizens can pay a light’s energy and maintenance costs for the remainder of 2010 and crews will reactivate the lights. Adoption fees for an entire year are $100 for a residential light and $240 for a light on an arterial street (a larger, multi-lane road). Fees will be prorated for citizens who adopt the streetlights later in the year. To learn more about this opportunity please click here .

D. Brown

Yeah, if you can afford to pony up that kind of bread from your Minimum Wage Job That The City’s “LEADERS” say is overpaying you
Here’s an idea, get the Daddy Warbucks PIGS who call our city Home errr Servant Quarters for their collective Bitch Arse to actually pay up.

They make beaucoup d’argent, thats French for “shitload of bread” building drones and information systems to kill Human Babies in third world countries, and live like Kings at the expense of the U.S. Taxpayer, then don’t want to pay back anything.

How about we go through THEIR neighborhoods and shoot out THEIR streetlights, only a third of them though, have to be “proportionate” right? See how well the Babykilling WARPIGS like it.

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Brother Jonah

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