M.O.A.B. type explosion in Connecticut

A fuel-air explosion. For those who didn’t get the reference, that’s the basis for the Mother Of All Bombs the Bush Regime detonated in a test to “Shock and Awe” (read: Terrorize) Saddam Hussein. The M.O.A.B. had multiple ignition points, was the main difference. It was as powerful as the Nagasaki bomb.THE most powerful non-nuclear blast ever.
In Connecticut, the explosion was a gas pipeline at the Kleen power plant, under construction. Something like that wouldn’t normally happen because gas INSIDE the pipe doesn’t have air. The other component in a Fuel Air Explosion.
To get a feel for what the potential of it is, if you get ten miles to a gallon in a 2 ton vehicle, which is really shitty mileage, in order to go one mile you would need roughly 12 ounces of gasoline. Less than a pound of explosive moves 2 tons One Mile. And that’s assuming really weak conversion of fuel to energy.

Residents of the nearby town said it felt like an earthquake.
Authorities say at least two people died and no word yet on the number of injured.

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2 Responses to M.O.A.B. type explosion in Connecticut

  1. Avatar Ct says:

    This was really scary. I could not imagine the magnitude of the blast. Good thing terrorist attack is ruled out already, one less thing to worry about. Let’s pray for the victims and their families and may this never happen ever again!

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    It’s a real hazard with any type of combustibles. Explosions are just comustion done really fast and the gases generated by the burning expanding so quickly. Gasoline fumes explode so quickly that the concussion from the rapidly expanding gasses can punch holes in steel.

    Coal dust the same way. Even the dust from stored grain.

    Usually, there’s so much safety measures that it wouldn’t happen, there wouldn’t be any oxygen mixed in with the fumes or the compressed natural gas. My guess is they were in a great big hurry to get the power plant on line on time and under budget or at least not as Over Budget. One valve left even the slightest bit open would do the deed.

    Usually, too, there’s an added scent put into the natural gas, because the gas itself is odorless. It’s a class of chemicals called Mercaptans. I don’t know if they would have left it out of a shipment through the pipe of enough gas to run a power station.

    If they’re going to bun gases, it would make more sense to use the Direct Current generated by solar panels to separate water molecules into pure hydrogen and pure oxygen.

    The oxygen would by itself be an anti-greenhouse gas. One of the things the Anti-Solar Jihadi types keep harping on is that Direct Current is damnably hard to transmit over long distances, one of the other things they harp on is that it takes a lot of Direct Current to separate water molecules, Marry the two problems and have one really good solution.

    It would also filter the water. The Hydrogen atoms during combustion react with Oxygen to form, you guessed, Water.

    Pure water. There’s so much Polluted water that costs so much to filter, and a lot of it comes from the “clean” coal and “clean” oil and gas exploitation that the Fossil Fuel Jihadis like to boast thereof.

    Both from extracting the fuels, which is a water intensive enterprise, and from burning the fuels.

    But they’re not interested in REAL solutions, their focus is on Oil gas and coal.

    Myopic bastards.

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