McCain says Khandahar key to victory in Afghanistan…

He fails to note that the U.S. isn’t going to share in whatever victory happens. Might be on the RECEIVING end of that “victory”. I’d take him a tad bit more seriously as a War Pundit if he were to relinquish both his interest in controlling the war AND his investments which will only pay out if there’s no final victory or end to that war. And if his Sole Claim To Fame was that he got busted doing a continuous and constant 9/11 style Mass-Murder War Crime against a nation which had (mutually) never declared war against the US and the US had never declared war against them. And instead of being executed like Murderers often are, he was held as a P.O.War even though it technically wasn’t a War.
Same with Richard Cheney. Same also with the British Crown and their family investments.
All in all it has a strong aroma to it. General McChrystal has a similar history to McCain, his daddy got him through the Academy by pulling rank, same way Admiral McCain got his Loser son through the Academy.

And GHW got HIS loser son through an Ivy League school and on to an Honorable Discharge even though the boy was put into a Champagne outfit far from any danger and STILL deserted his post. What is it with these guys, can’t they find ANYBODY who’s intellectually and morally capable of surviving on his own merits to lead them?

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