Meet the Real Christ-killers

Riot Cops, then and nowNotice the similarities.
The helmet with mask so you can’t see which pig is assaulting you. Very important in court cases. Also when thei’re geared up for attack they don’t wear a badge with a number on it or a name tag. Proud, proud pigs, except when it comes to admitting what they do and taking personal responsibility. Lethal weapons, the PIG baton is designed to break bones, and can be every bit as lethal as a Roman Short Sword.

Especially since the PIGS are trained in how to use their weapons in a lethal manner. Jackboots of course, the better to stomp on you once they and their Comrades have you on the ground. Of course they’ll have their Comrades with them, they’re not brave enough to do it any other way.

These are the “heroes” we’re supposed to worship and automatically obey each time they bark an Imperious Order.
Bow before them, Citizens, for they are Mighty!

And as our Good Citizen Leaders tell us, Might Makes Right.

They’re the reason I don’t attend organized church services, every church in this town bows down before their Storm Trooper Heroes.

The REAL problem is, the PIG would want to offer me his hand of so-called “brotherhood” and say how much he welcomes me as a Christian Brother, then any other day of the week he’d gladly beat me down while I’m helpless for “Failure to Grovel”.

They’re the modern incarnation of the Roman Cops who crucified Jesus. They’ve not changed a bit in the past 20 centuries. Higher tech materials for their armor, helmets and shields. Poison Gas (supposedly non-lethal, but then, they Lie about that just like they Lie about everything else) “non-lethal” electric torture devices, designed to cause enough pain that somebody would beg the Torture Freak PIG for his non-existent mercy, beg forgiveness for daring to think that we’re free citizens of a free society.

Every time I’m taken to task for not respecting them as being my Lawful Masters, and then told that these PIGS are just protecting our rights and freedoms, I remember the first time they decided to “teach me a lesson”, seeing the murderous hate in their eyes, the absolute insane out-of-control RAGE in their sneering snarling faces because I dared to address them without saying “Sir”.

They taught me a lesson, all right. They taught me of their Cowardice and their Arrogance, their hubris and the Mad Rage that I don’t bow and honor their “superiority”.

That superiority exists only in their Retarded little minds, and the minds of the brainless Idiots who support them without question.

But they would offer me the False hand of “brotherhood”. And I’m supposed to accept the notion that they’re my Christian brothers.

No thank you.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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