Mexico, Iraq, and the Imperium…

Yeah, the Republic fell the first time Federal “authority” was used to seize a sovereign neighboring nation. Ohio leaps to mind. That was, what, 1790? Listing the states in Alphabetical Order 25 of them have American Indian words as the names. Alabama to Wyoming. To be generous, I’ll point out that Hawaii is not technically an Indian word, but it is a Native word. Mexico as in “New Mexico” is an Aztec or Toltec word, but that counts too. The only reason Mexican Indians aren’t counted as American Indians (and aren’t therefore facing exactly the same dilemma) is because the Jacksonians didn’t feel they should conquer the Whole nation. Realizations of the truth started creeping in and they realized they wouldn’t have the strength to manage the entire Mexico. So they just took the parts that were conveniently located in the 1830s and 1840s. Left the full expense of Imperial Ambitions to later generations. Like Ours.

But the Imperialization of America not only didn’t stop there, it didn’t start there.
I also didn’t include Indiana in the list of names, that would make it 26 states. Just a technicality, Indiana was the “New Indian Territory” when the “Old and Inconvenient to the New Empire” Indian territory of Ohio was overrun. Quickly replaced by Oklahoma, the Newer New Indian Territory when Indiana was deemed worthy of Forced Civilization. (exploitation for commercial gain)

The Republic died the same way the Roman Republic died. Caesar crossed the Rubicon and the die was cast. When a Nation becomes an Empire the Nation dies. The subjects of Empire still retain the names of “citizen” and “freedom”…. just like 25 of the conquered “states” retain their Native names. 26 counting Indiana.

We now have 2 centuries, “give or take” of expenses related to the “take and take” philosophy of Liberty for the Wealthy White English Overlords.

We’ve run straight in to the dilemma the Romans had at two centuries in to THEIR Empire. A pillage oconomic model, Capitalism, requires more and more lands and resources to pillage. And after a couple of centuries, the accrued debt of prior Pillage starts to exceed the wealth that can logically be taken from the Pillaged Vassal States.

Rome had Germania, Britannia, Gaul, Thracia, Dacia, Dalmatia, Palestine, Iberia, Hibernia, …

Some of them still have the names the Romans assigned to them. Romania comes to mind. So does Ohio and Indiana and New Mexico.

And Mexico. And Iraq. The cost of maintaining the Empire now far exceed the total amount of wealth that can possibly be extracted from the conquered Vassal States.

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