Military Intelligence Inaction

The Coast Guard is going to set fire to the oil slick from the Deepwater corporate boo-boo. Deliberately. You know, the Coast Guard DO get first pick of the finest confiscated Recreational Psychopharmaceuticals.

While their official Irrationale is that they’ve screwed up the ecosystem so badly that this little bonfire will be just another Fart In The Breeze, so to speak, the Unofficial Reason probably works out to be something like “Wow, man, far out, the colors, man, the colors!”

Speaking of colors, about the only thing “green” about the military is their uniforms.

Maybe Glenn Beck and the other Morons at Fox will have a new conspiracy theory to work with,as soon as they get their monthly quota of that Coast Guard dope, that is.

See, Liberal Agents Provocateurs have infiltrated not only the top levels of the Political spectrum but also the Banking, Mining and Petroleum industry and are deliberately sabotaging them from the top down, and that somehow Greenpeace and MoveOn and PETA and just for giggles the American Cancer Society have deliberately gotten Goldman Sachs and Massey and Deepwater to make really stupid forking decisions, just to embarrass the “conservatives”.

Let’s go forward with that, let’s say that Al Gore deliberately set up George Bush by throwing the election in 2000.

The possible combinations are endless. Pointless, too, but then, we’re watching Capital eat itself so any inane statement about it would stick if thrown hard enough.

1 thought on “Military Intelligence Inaction

  1. AvatarBrother Jonah

    Oh, it gets worse. The Coast Guard is following the lead of the Oil Industry Experts you know the ones, that caused the problem in the first place.

    The Oil Corporation task force commander says, Oh, we had a much smaller burn on the San Jacinto river years ago, but aside from that we have a gigantic case of

    Not Knowing What the Fork We’re Doing, but we’re the EXPERTS at (causing and worsening) Oil Slicks, and you’re not, so run along and play, don’t worry your pretty little heads, let the Grown-Ups take care of it.
    I guess they’ve almost got a point there, they DID actually start way more multi-billion gallon oil spills than I ever did. You know, they screwed up the environment everywhere they did it too.

    Buy up all the Gulf Shrimp you can get, put it in the deep freeze. It might just be getting scarce.

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