“mineral wealth bonanza” found in Afghanistan… by U.S… (BBC)

So the scanning of the substrate rocks actually looking for a 6-and-a-half foot tall Arab attached to a portable dialysis machine or were they Taxpayer Funded Corporate Welfare, wherein the U.S. military was prospecting for Massey Energy, BP, ALCOA, etc? Will this mean that the corporations, mostly owned by British, U.S. and Dutch “holding companies” aka Investment Bankers hiding more of their stolen money, will offer a “peace” plan where the citizens of Afghanistan, as defined by the U.S. State Department, the “GOOD” Afghans who swear allegiance to The New Corporate World Order rather than the “BAD” ones who insist on, you know, their own ancestral property and sovereignty rights? Like the Horrible Crimes committed by Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Iraq and Iran when they insisted that the Oil and other resources that are under THEIR sovereign possessions belongs to THEIR people and not to American and British Corporations, no matter how many gunboats the Imperial Navies send to “liberate” the oppressed citizens, oppressed by the notion that they’re actually EQUALS to the British and Americans? How very silly of those PEASANTS to believe that they could ever be equal to the Masters. Isn’t that simply Droll, Chauncey? Why, yes, Edgar, tres amusant.

And if they don’t accept the role of Corporate Owned Peasants foisted on them through Taxpayer Supported wars of Conquest errr… “Liberation” yes, that’s the Ticket! then they’re labeled “Terrorists” and can be legally slaughtered by Coward Pukes sitting in the comfort of an air conditioned Command Center, , using their Video Game skills to kill Human Beings reduced to the status of Anonymous Target by Killer Drones. How very wonderful for the people of Afghanistan!

Then, if the Mineral Extractions owners fuck up and go beyond the “normal” level of destruction and pollution and say, kill a few thousand here and there in Bhopal-style Corporate Oopsies, any Ingrates who aren’t slobbering with gratitude over the Jackboots of the Conquero oopsie “Liberators” can also be arbitrarily defined as Taliban and slaughtered.

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