Minimum Wage and the exploitation of the term “Average”

Colorado just reduced minimum wage by 3 cents an hour, under TABOR regulations. Doug Bruce should feel really proud. When his fellow “Free” market Capitalists crashed the economy the price of Big Ticket items like multi-million houses, $100,000 cars .. went down. You know, the stuff EVERY minimum wage earner buys… Just not for himself, mind you, for the Rich Bitch Parasites who get most of the money he produces. But, you see, it drives down the AVERAGE cost of living. The stuff that the Workers need to produce our Labor, our only product, the only thing we have to sell in the “Free” market…. like food, rent, utilities, education for our kids, transportation at the very minimum to and from our jobs…Availability Slashed, Quality Slashed,prices jacked up.Let’s not even talk about Health Care, because that “offends” the Rich. Cost-of-living went down for the Rich, but not for the poor.

Supposedly it’s “Hate Speech” to mention stuff like that, and the Rich feel really really Victimized by it.

Public Schools are being closed, merged, huge classes with fewer teachers, what a surprise. The TABOR thieves now have free rein to ENSURE that the public education they despise so much actually does suffer in quality. Doug Bruce and Sean Paige must be dancing in the streets… they get to destroy Public Education and promote the Public Ignorance on which their movement depends. Make generations of Tea Party bigotry into a deeply ingrained part of American Life.

I know some of the TeaBaggers are going to have this read to them at one of their meetings. “What him say? Ogg think him say worker make money, not Ogg Boss-man….” Then Ogg and his fellow Oggs will start up the one thing they really learned, throw out the stiff-arm salute and say “hail to Boss-Man! No Like-um Smart Person who say Ogg Dumb for letting Ogg Boss-man run things! Ogg has smarter dog than Honor Student! That what Ogg bumper sticker say, Ogg know cause Boss-man tell him!”

Then they’ll burn down a library, maybe a museum… kill a hippie if they can catch him alone and outnumbered… you know, their usual entertainment routine. It’s not a coincidence that Bill Sparkman, aside from working for the Census, … Was a Teacher. Guess they can’t handle the notion that other people are better educated than them, so rather than build themselves up, they kill the people who could have helped them the most.

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