My God, this is STUPID.

There’s actually some Socially Retarded Animated Sphincters saying that the Haiti troubles for the past 200 years have been caused by Toussaint L’Ouverture selling his own soul and all of Haiti to the Devil in exchange for victory. Update. Pat Robertson.
M’kay… Massive failure of Parochial Education there.
Purest Racist Bullshit. They Obviously can’t handle the notion that a Black man leading Black people could defeat Napoleon and the finest Mercenary Armies of White Europe.
How much Stupid can be put into one place before it warps the foundations of the Universe?

Added in: He couldn’t resist slamming the French as people either.

His supporters put forth the theory that the French “surrendered” on behalf of the White Race when Charles DeGaulle granted independence to African Colonies, especially Algeria.

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3 Responses to My God, this is STUPID.

  1. “Dr” Robertson makes remarks like that… all the time. When Osama bin Hidin’ makes a statement that American Christians are a hate group who believe they should hate people due to skin tone, it’s called “Anti American” and “Christian Bashing”.

    So what is it when a leading American “Christian” goes ahead and tells everybody that American Christians are a “Hate group”?

  2. Important part of north-americans believe in this violents racists and stupid humans (beings???)… Also, the Nazism works perfectly in your country. Hitler win the war and live in the american people. ¡¡¡ Fuck USA!!!

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    A, mi amigo, pero la cosa muy bella es que no estamos solamentes los fascistas aqui. Ay muchos personas quienes no somos asi. Como yo.

    (perdona mi español, no he practicado mucho, asi, a veces me falta de palabras. Si practico mas, mi español mejora… y hablo y escribo la francesa e Ingles en la misma manera…)

    Es gran lastima, pero a veces nuestro gobierno no haga al que deseamos o queremos. Muchos nosotros pensan que es la moda normal de todo mundo.

    Y, tambien, la raza hueda no tiene la gran mayoridad de la poblacion. Los racistas gritan mucho por esa condicion. Temeran ellos que en pocos años estaran la minoridad.

    ay, que lastima. Pobrecitos… ah…

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