Never mind the dog, beware of owner… Cute, maybe. Effective, nope.

Guns are what you call “simple”. They’re a simple piston engine, the very simplest being a piece of tubing, a nail and something to snug the nail to the inside of the tube for maximum pressure, then you simply make with a puff of air. With a little practice you can put that nail right through somebod errr Some Thing. Accurate shooting of anything only takes a little practice. Bow and arrow, slingshot, off your mouth, … a couple of hours of practice and you have that part down pat.
What takes a lifetime commitment is how to NOT shoot accidentally, not shoot in fits of rage, not become a murderer. AND, keeping YOUR gun out of the hands of people who don’t care about safety or Human Life in general or specifically. When you take up the Gun, like taking up the Sword, your intention is to kill somebody. Pure and simple and you can dress it up as “self defense” if you want, but it’s still Killing Some Human Being. By the way, an AK 47 or any other military rifle isn’t a hunting device. Unless you want to gut-shoot the animal thus rendering the meat really unsafe to eat (it’s called “e-coli”) you’d really be a lot better off with a slingshot, a bow and a simple counterweight/counterspring snare made from a bootlace. But you didn’t buy your gun for hunting so stop GodDamn pretending, the “beware of owner” sign with a revolver pointed at the reader is strong evidence of that.
What, are you DUMB? You’re going to advertise to every thief in the neighborhood that your house (to professional thieves that’s known as the “Free Store”) has within it something of extreme value to the thief. A gun.

Because with all the Gun Corporation inspired hype about how a Gun will somehow make you safer or stronger or more masculine, there’s a ready market for guns.
Stolen guns are the best kind for committing crimes, you know? Especially if handled with gloves thus the only fingerprints and now, DNA on the “heater” belong to the chump who BOUGHT it originally.

The Military and Police organizations world wide, you know the ones, the ones who Do Not Consider Target Practice To Be Adequate Training for firearm safety, don’t ever leave guns unattended. Not going into the living room with the gun in the kitchen even, nothing like that. When the firearm isn’t in the physical possession of the soldier or cop, it’s signed into the Armory and the Sergeant-at-Arms on duty knows where each and every one of them is and watches any entrance to the place where the guns are kept. Even with that Police and Military guns get stolen, not as much as people who buy them for “home protection” or some mistaken notion that they’re Daniel Boone striding off into the wilderness to put meat on the table. But often enough.

If you’re going to have the store-bought case of “badass” laying around your house unattended it’s the worst case scenario. Unattended means you’re not looking right at it or don’t have it in your immediate physical possession (carrying or holding it) Hiding it doesn’t work. That’s why thieves take EVERYTHING in a burglary. Your dirty clothes hamper, safe hiding place? After just reading me mentioning it, what do YOU think? The mattress, man, they’re going to take the Whole Frekain’ BED, what do you think? I know one lady who hides her money in her feminine hygiene products, and the baby’s diapers, because that’s the only places her lump of a husband isn’t going to ever touch.

Why not just put up a sign on your house saying you have large amounts of cash, and they can have it for the low price of simply knowing when there’s nobody home. Or awake, Is there always somebody at home AWAKE, every minute of the day? No? Then you’re leaving your gun unattended.

Telling people that they better not mess with you because you have a gun is called “posturing” and they’ll simply wait until you don’t happen to have the gun. They’ll probably engage you in some business where you’re not carrying or not watching the gun and have one or more accomplices in your “safe gun storage area” taking your guns. And whatever else they can sell, and anything large enough to hold anything of value.

They’ll take every scrap of food out of your refrigerator, and for the same reason the cops would do it in a search. People “hide” diamonds in their ice tray. Partly because it’s a really funny pun. “ice” get it? Got it? GOOD! They also hide their “cold hard cash” inside frozen food.

So what I’m saying, in many words, if you’re going to have a Gun at least TRY not to be stupid about it. Be surprisin’ not advertisin’.

Putting one of those signs up is like wearing a tee-shirt saying “better not mess with me because my gang will beat you up”… especially when you’re not traveling with your gang.

Don’t make challenges or threats you can’t or won’t fulfill. It just makes you look like a complete chump AND an emotional weakling.

If I needed a gun it would probably be to kill somebody. And I’d put in an order at the local crack-house or meth dealership. They’d probably have some in stock, people who are addicted will trade anything they own for their fix, and… they’ll trade anything YOU own as well. Meth dealers get military grade weapons for no cash whatsoever, it’s not (to them) a cash transaction, it’s trading product, their product with a retail price of maybe $50 cash and their cost about $20.
You could buy at a military surplus outlet, for $20 bucks, maybe… 20 rounds of ammunition for an AK, SKS, M-! variants, Uzi or AR15 variants. Crack and meth dealers will charge you a lot less because they need cash more than they need Thief Magnets.

By the way, their dealerships always have armed guards and always have somebody awake. Just ask the SWAT team how “easy” it is for THEM to get at the goodies using military tactics and, yes, military rifles and guns.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to Never mind the dog, beware of owner… Cute, maybe. Effective, nope.

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh, and the part about putting up the signs… you notice them more in lower-middle or middle-lower class neighborhoods. Not like I have much experience walking around in rich neighborhoods. But if your neighborhood is ALREADY experiencing a lot of burglaries, putting a “free sale, take everything” sign on your window like that makes even less sense.

  2. Avatar pcm says:

    Years ago, my apt. was broken into and ransacked. The perps took Dr Pepper, condoms, and $40.00 cash, any one of these things I would have gladly given to someone if asked. The thing that I resent to this day is that they caused my companion Bill-Bill’s death 10 months later due to his injuries they inflicted upon him. I hope they burn in Hell.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    They might just. I believe in redemption with the only cost being repentance. Just, you know, so seldom that people pay that small price, and are more content to allow their souls and their flesh to be continually degraded, usually for decades, before taking the journey to official Hell.

    Sometimes pity can displace wrath. If they never took the path of repentance their lives, today, are a constant nightmare, that of feeding the demonic “monkey” of whatever drug they chose as a medium for slow and painful suicide.

    And, when they DO take that final exit, that will only intensify, magnify, the pain they’ve bought and taken in as the core of their own soul. The drugs they’ve been using are a symptom of the moral pain they feel, and they’re a palliative that doesn’t work. An expensive spiritual bandaid they have to replace several times a day. Financed by more acts that slice them equally as much as those acts slice their victims.
    And it acts as a shield between them and any blessings they might have found along the way, they can’t feel the good anymore… just the pain.

    Bill-Bill is beyond any chance that they could harm him again. That was a one-time shot for them. And one of the many injuries they take, daily, in their frenzy to try, vainly, to escape the pain they’ve not got the wit to simply drop, and walk away from it. Burning their flesh in a downward spiral, not realizing or any longer caring that it’s what actually causes the pain.

    They’re not living, exactly, because their choice is to spend their entire lives dying.

    They spend their lives, such as it might be called, in doing things that they name for acts of violence, getting “stoned” taking “shots” shooting themselves, being ultimately and in the worst ways “wasted” and “fucked up”.
    Blown Away.
    Addiction is called “Death; on the installment plan”.

  4. Avatar Adam says:

    First you obviously haven’t spent much time around guns. If you think were better off without them you live in the delusional world where the tsa actually provides security not an expensive illusion. Guns do kill people and you are an idiot if you never think there’s a need for that to happen. I do put food on the table with my rifle and I don’t appreciate condescending remarks about it. Someone is out in that field raising the crops and cattle you buy in the store and guess what most of America is far more rural than wherever it is you live. One final note an ak47 is not the most commonly owned assault style rifle in this country. The machine gun reference was picked up none the less. Here’s the difference between bullet size for the best large game rifle possible a .308 and ak47 ammo which is 7.62x39mm is: .003 in diameter. They are also not commonly fully automatic as that’s illegal in most states. So firing one round of almost identical size is very effective for hunting. You probably wouldn’t know much about hunting though, from the sounds of it it you think that means using an Uzi to turn a deer into Swiss cheese. Hunting is not about killing its about that animal giving its life for your sustenance. It’s a natural and very respectful and somber moment when you take a life to sustain your own. Don’t run down things you don’t understand simply because you don’t. That makes you no different than religious zealots or the governments of the world. I bet you are terrified of 3D printers now too because you don’t know what a CNC machine is even though it’s been around along time.

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