New Front in the War on Reason… Hypnosis videos/audios

Yep, you heard it on News 5 (local NBC station) first!
Pueblo County Sheriff department is “concerned” that hypnotic audio downloaded from “youtube” (no, sheriff, that would be the Videos) and titled “Electronic (dope name)” while not Illegal, “glorify the Real Drugs and might get the kids started on the Real Drugs”. Naturally the PTA is concerned. Can’t have the kids using binaural audios which actually increase concentration and improve study habits, nope nope nope dope.
O…M…G…! they must be having a real slow news season wherein the only stories that can be done are made up Yellow Journalism… or perhaps the situations in the Philippines, the Yellow Sea oil spill, the continuing troubles in the Gulfs,

Aden, Persian, Mexico… those Gulfs… need to have attention distracted away from them. Where’s Tiger Woods when you need him most? Meanwhile back in Haiti, the situation gets worse with each passing day.

I had to take the name of PTA in vain because they were the ones who tried to get “Puff the Magic Dragon” banned from the airwaves, saying it’s about “puffing” a marijuana cigarette “magic dragon”.
As Peter of Peter/Paul/Mary said: “Dragons are dragons and drugs are drugs and never the twain shall meet, If we wanted to write a song about drugs it would be like “do drugs because they make you lazy, ruin your sex life and your health”, Dragons don’t have anything to do with drugs and I’ll believe that until you can show me a Junkie Dragon”.

Meanwhile, it appears the Pueblo County Cops are afraid of meditation. Especially as practiced by children. Mustn’t let the kiddoes THINK, now, that sort of thing is downright Subversive.

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