New OAS- Sans Canada and the U.S.

The BBC cited Economic policies more than anything else, and left out one very important one…
The U.S. Navy actively assisted the British Navy in their war-for-profit against Argentina in the early 80s.
It was kind of an Open Secret at Charleston Naval Station. The Seamen weren’t supposed to talk about it, because it violated the OAS Treaty, for one member state to take sides with a non-member state against other member states. Reagan wasn’t one for keeping treaties.

His administration, that of his Segundo GHW Bush and Bush the Chimpleton have actively tried and in some cases succeeded in breaking down what few Indian Treaties were still in effect when Ronald(6) Wilson(6) Reagan(6) took office. Not surprising, then, that people who actually have a Vote in America would be screwed by Reagan666 while and at the same time he was breaking treaties with other American Nations.

Grenada was just icing on the cake. For those Marines who are going to say they were “liberating” Grenada and “rescuing” U.S. students, please, don’t waste your time or mine spewing Reaganite Propaganda at me. Grenada was mostly to cover for Reagan’s Buddy, now Fox News Commentator Ollie North and his other Criminal Treasonous Accomplices involvement in the Iran-Contra affair, where the Right Wing Terrorists (Contras, Salvadoran Death Squads, Cuba Libre) were financed through dealing arms to Hizbollah and dealing cocaine from Colombia… to American Streets.
Before Iran-Contra: Cocaine a rich man’s drug.
After Iran-Contra: so much coke in America that people smoke it on the street corners.

Have a nice Crack Plague.

Have a nice Treasonous Cartel of Murderers with a chance of regaining the American Presidency in two years.
Semper Fi, dumbasses.

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  1. Now, the U.S. sailors at Charleston, they weren’t supposed to say anything about it. But you screw people for the entire length of their enlistments, then expect what, they’ll love you forever and keep all your secrets? Not a chance.

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