New twist on Aghanistan London conference…

Negotiating with “low level” Taliban fighters. Make peace with the peones and the patrones will have to follow.-
That’s “servants” and “Masters” in Spanish. That of course from the BBC, American Press is predictably calling it appeasement, no, don’t make peace, dictate the terms TO them, no dialogue, force them to obey even if it bankrupts the Empire…

It’s a major departure for The Crown, as well, English royals have a thing about only negotiationg with their peers in whatever country. Have a title of Nobility like Duke or Earl or Prince or Amir or Shaikh and your papers are in order, You’re in thick with the Brit Royals. It’s been 900 years more or less and they still haven’t gotten over that Magna Carta thing.

Oh, the humiliation, Royals having no more inherent privilege than commoners.

They’re starting to realize, once more, that with the Taliban and many other such groups, religious or tribal, there’s not much whacking great chance of having a Central Authority in Kabul or anywhere else.

And, the British people suddenly hold more power than the British Crown or, for that matter, Washington (more like Langley, VA) in forcing the hand of the CIA/Pentagon/War Profiteer corporations.

Without the British presence giving a veneer of legitimacy, at least in the eyes of NATO, the EU and the UN, Washington(Langley) will be hard pressed to justify overstaying our extreme lack of welcome.

Which there really was a staged welcome for “our troops”. Staged. I think that some of the stock footage from Tass News in 1979 was used, little Afghan children bringing “the troops” flowers… ahem…
It was in the mountains and high plains in very very early spring. Where the Hell would those kids have gotten those flowers? Every Florist and for that matter, grocer, butcher, baker and candlestick maker in Kabul had exactly no shop. The boast on Day 2 of Operation Bomb-the-living-crap-outta-Kabul was that the first pass knocked them into rubble and every subsequent pass just stirred up the rubble.

So against that blatantly staged propaganda backdrop, there’s been the sad pathetic fairy tale of giving Afghanistan to the Afghans. Just, you know, only those Afghans who bow before the Empire.

Now the Empire is starting to realize that there’s no way of them having any kind of permanent presence there. Can’t afford it.

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