Anthrax conspirators go untracked

Not meaning to sound like a Conspiracy Nut. But what the hell, the Deniers will take it like than anyway. The Anthrax attack on the Congressional Office Buildings, that allowed minions of the Bush Regime unfettered, warrantless control and access to the offices of every Senator and Representative, especially those who opposed the War Of Terror and other similar Police State agendae, the Anthrax traced genetically to a U.S. Military Biological Warfare Facility, our very own WMD being turned, once again, on Americans… and no resolution at all…. But wait! The FBI and DHS and DoD and CIA and all them other Groovy Initials, have closed the case! It’s official, it’s the guy who was Conveniently Found Dead (by his own hand, of course) and NOT the Bu’ush Regime, the ones who Actually Continue to Benefit from the Attacks. Yep, nothing to see here, citizen, keep moving, nothing to see…

And we KNOW that even though Bush and his Minions including those who directed the search of the Congressional Office Building, LIED to us on such “trivial” issues as actual proof of any WMDs in Iraq, which led to the “trivial” deaths of at least 100,000 Iraqi citizens, mostly civilians, and more than 5,000 U.S. soldiers…

Nay, even though they Lied Out Their Arse about those things, and murdered more Americans and other Human Beings than they officially acknowledge, they would never ever, no not nebbers LIE to us about this issue. We have to Trust Them otherwise we’re Conspiracy Theory Lunatics.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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6 Responses to Anthrax conspirators go untracked

  1. Avatar Razer says:

    Maybe you’ll have better luck hunting this down than I did

    A few years before the Anthrax occurrences, the Feds picked up a couple of guys described as right wing affiliated Midwestern businessmen (that’s pretty close to the description in the wire story I read) who WERE named, with weapons grade anthrax in the trunk of their car.

    I believe they claimed to be working for a lab and were released.

    I can no longer find that story.


    One particular fellow Larry Wayne Harris, fits the bill, he had been involved in TWO incidents, one in which he had inert Bubonic Plague bacteria.

    Harris, who lived in Lancaster, Ohio (a distant suburb of
    Columbus), was an unambiguous extremist with an unhealthy
    fixation on biological weapons. An adherent of the racist and
    anti-Semitic religious sect Christian Identity, which teaches
    that white people are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel
    and that Jews are descended from Satan, Harris was also a
    member of the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations. Harris was not
    simply ideologically extreme; he also had concocted a fantasy
    world for himself in which he was a former CIA operative who
    had scientifically proven the existence of God and who had
    learned from an Iraqi college student of secret Iraqi
    government plans to devastate the U.S. with anthrax and
    bubonic plague.
    Harris became fixated on this purported biological attack from
    Iraq; he decided to write a book teaching people how to
    protect themselves against threats such as anthrax. He also
    decided to begin conducting experiments on bubonic plague
    and to this end in May 1995 obtained some samples of (inert)
    bubonic plague from a Maryland company, which he put in the
    glove compartment of his car. Suspicious health officials
    notified federal authorities, however, who rushed to arrest
    him—only to discover that it was not illegal to possess bubonic
    plague. Harris was able to plead to a single count of wire fraud
    (for falsifying information on his original request) and received
    only probation.

    And was later arrested with anthrax Vaccine along with
    William Job Leavitt.

    These interests led Harris eventually to his second arrest and
    the media circus that followed it. Harris developed an
    association with William Job, Leavitt, Jr., a Nevada fire
    extinguisher manufacturer who had an interest in
    pseudoscience. They met at an alternative science
    conference, following which Leavitt hired Harris to help him
    test a device offered to him by pseudoscience researcher
    named Ronald Rockwell. This device, the “AZ58 ray tube,”
    allegedly could kill bacteria through frequency vibrations;
    Leavitt had visions of manufacturing and selling the invention.
    Harris told Leavitt that he could test the device on anthrax; he
    even boasted of having “military grade” anthrax that could, he
    alleged, wipe out a city. Harris did not, however, have any
    such substance at all—he simply had some anthrax vaccine,
    which is harmless.
    Rockwell, however, contacted the FBI on February 18, 1998,
    and informed them that Harris supposedly had anthrax.
    Rockwell, an ex-con, may have been genuinely concerned, or
    he may have been trying to retaliate against Harris, thinking
    that his deal was not likely to be accepted. In any case, by that
    evening, the FBI had initiated close surveillance of Leavitt and
    Harris, tracking them by helicopters and closing in with a
    SWAT team. They soon arrested the pair, charging them with
    conspiracy to possess and possession of a biological agent.

    That’s in pages 12-14 of the .pdf document.

  3. Avatar Razer says:

    Thanks for the linkage. I’m familiar with the ADL. My father was the S.E. US regional coordinator for quite a few years, and despite the fact I DON’T TRUST THEIR POLITICS AT ALL, and i ignore many of teir analyses as ideologically tainted, the organization IS a valuable reference resource

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, they do tend to dance between über liberal and über conservative.

    Which could be called “not stiffnecked reactionary” or “wishy washy” depending on who’s calling the tune.

    One of the Anarchist circles I attend every now and then mentioned in our protests (Feb 2003) against the BushRush to war “We don’t need to convert people, we need allies more than converts.”

    The rally I attended was in Dallas, started and ended at the Kennedy Memorial. Not a peep beforehand from the Lokal Press about it beforehand, I found out an hour before the march started, hopped the next train to Dallas, (I was near the Euless train station) and got there in time to miss the start of the march, but not the finish or the Rally. The Lokal Noose kind of tried to play it down, didn’t quite make it. They DID have some severe whining about the Anarchist faction using bedsheets to make banners and drape them from overpasses on I 20, I 30, LBJ parkway and Airport Freeway announcing where it was. Oh and a couple of McDonalds billboards. That’s what set the Whining off. They called it “economic Terrorism”.

    A lot of the folks who attended the Rally were people who would other days be at each others throats. Jew, Arab, Christian, Pagan, black and white and every shade in between.

    I came up here the next year, and found out that the CSPD had used tear gas and plastic bullets at the local rally and then arrested people afterward. Violently arrested them. Eh. If they’d fielded, at the Dallas rally, every cop and reservist in Dallas, a small army actually, they would have still been outnumbered about 5 to 1. Or more, there were thousands of us.

    The ADL was there. Among many.

    There was also a counter-demonstration across the street, about 60 or 70 of them with their banners saying we should all be shot as traitors and blah blah blah… and one trying to link Saddam Hussein to the Anthrax Attack.

    DumFox Noose tried to say that al Qa’eda had sponsored the rallies. And had their “WMD Experts” once again pointing to a “map” of Iraq with the alleged locations of all the chemical, nuclear and biological warfare Weapons.

    They used Faux-Marine Lt Col Oliver North like the two dollar whore he actually is, but always refused to let USMC Col. Scott Ritter, who was one of the Inspectors (the ones Saddam Hussein didn’t kick out of the country, they were pulled out on the orders of the U.S. government)

    Col Ritter isn’t a liberal, not very kind to liberalism either, but you wouldn’t know it to hear Fox rail on him, or especially “fellow marine” North.

    Not a convert, but for once, an ally.

  5. Avatar Razer says:

    I think Scott Ritter, much like (but perhaps not entirely like, renegade ex-marxist) Feral Scholar Stan Goff, has had a change of heart, much like Smedley Butler had a change of heart, or Hugh Thompson, the helicopter pilot who ‘dropped in’ on the My Lai massacre had a change of heart (although testifying at every opportunity HE stayed in the service, and they kept him flying ‘bird dog’ till the end of his tour, trying to kill him for his honesty)

    Scott Ritter showed up in Santa Cruz Ca with Code Pink and a group of women from Iraq a few years ago.

    The women did an excellent job of explaining exactly how the so-called “historic Shiite-Sunni blood feud” as promulgated by the US government and the Western media is absolute nonsense (although due to cultural interference, bribery, and false flag assassinations and killings perhaps forced to be true now).

    I couldn’t imagine Ritter being involved in such an event unless he were truly concerned for the welfare of the Iraqi people and the fact that the US government twisted data he had supplied about the non-existence of WMDs in Iraq.

    …unlike Colin Powell, who was reported, before making those WMD pronouncements to the UN, to have thrown the prepared speech aside in the UN’s “green room” saying “I can’t read this crap!”

    But HE did.

  6. Avatar Razer says:

    But a little more about the ADL.

    My father was a ‘company man’…

    WWII vet who beat his way across the ‘rump’ of Italy after D-Day earning himself a battle field commission to Colonel, unique at the time, for a ‘Jew’, then the overseer of a Belgian village recovered from the Germans and after, Mil-Int, then coordinator for tech writers at NASA during the Mercury > Apollo programs (again, mil-int), and finished his career as stated, regional coordinator for the ADL in the SE US… registered as an agent of a foreign government (Israel).

    While visiting him during the last years of his life, at the beginning of the Iraq war, he was disgusted and enraged that the US was going aftr Iraq.

    He always felt that Iran was the ‘enemy’, but never DID elaborate on why… even when I questioned that.

    My best guess is (considering that in modern history, Iran hasn’t really engaged much in territorial conquest… the Kurdish issue aside, and has always been accommodating to Jews-in-general all the way back to the days of “The Silk Road”) Iran is the economic powerhouse in the region, and is a viable trade threat to Israel as well as having the ability to ‘sink’ Israel’s economy through other means.

    Israel, as much as it depends on the US, DOES NOT want to be dependent on US funds or policies. That’s just an IMHO… Take it or leave it.

    I wrote a eulogy for my dad when he passed… Here it is:

    November 4 2007

    A Eulogy For My Father:

    My father passed away recently.

    An 81 year old American Cold Warrior and Zionist Jew.

    I feel as if I’ve spent a large portion of my life (from 14 – now 54) attempting to ameliorate the damage to American and global society that I feel his world view had caused. It’s OK, I wasn’t that busy anyway. It was, in some way, a labor of love. He felt he was doing the right thing, not for himself, and all respect is due him for being true to his beliefs.

    But for what it’s worth, the last time I spoke with him he told me that the current administration (the Bush administration) was the biggest bunch of crooks that he’d seen in his whole life (…and I alway thought Richard Nixon was ‘The One’) and that overall, U.S. Middle East policy was… well, I won’t use that language here.

    (That from a World War 2 veteran officer (A Jewish Colonel during WWII !!!), who went on to a career in Military ‘Intelligence’, a NASA project coordinator, and later, regional coordinator for the ADL in the Southern U.S…. registered as an ‘agent of a foreign government’ (Israel)

    Unfortunately, by the time he figured all of that out, that the ‘powers-that-be’ don’t play cards with a full deck, that the ‘deck’ is ‘stacked’ and ‘marked’, and they lie as well as cheat, he was too old to do anything about it.

    There’s a moral here…

    Parents, teach your children. Everyone else, educate the young people you know, to THOROUGHLY QUESTION EVERY bit of information received from your government (any government!) no matter the ‘officiousness’ of the source or repetitious parroting by the media.

    It is your patriotic duty, no matter your nation of origin.

    Because patriotism is owed to your country and it’s founding precepts.

    *NOT* it’s administrators.

    And if we teach the young to ALWAYS question authority and the information those ‘authorities’ promulgate, that seems to be illegitimate or insensible nonsense in their young eyes, ears, and sensibilities, maybe, just maybe, they WON’T be too old to change things when it finally all ‘gels’ that they are being led down some primrose path paved with lies and deception themselves.


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