Obama breaks truth to widows: Miners died as Corporate Slaves, get used to it

Not really. He said they died in pursuit of a better life. But since the Coal Companies and other Corporate owners of West Virginia aren’t going to actually invest anything in developing some other way for the people who live there to survive, and the people have not nearly enough opportunity to build their own enterprises, it IS a cycle of corporate slavery.

The Horatio Alger and Ragged Dick rags-to-riches stories were Bullshit when they were first published, and still are today. The Mine Workers union song popularized by “Tennessee” Ernie Ford, 16 Tons, says it more realistically.

“you load 16 tons
what do ya get?
Another day older
and deeper in debt
St Peter don’cha call me
cause I can’t go
I owe my soul
to the Company Store.”

The same people who lobby hard against Unions and fair wages, lobby for “Tort Reform” meaning a Landlord’s Lien not only on your possessions, should you default on your lease, but a period of bond-service, debt slavery, should you default.

The Mining corporations, in particular, used this as a way of keeping the workers docile.

The Company Store, just that, the only way you could get groceries or clothing or any other necessities of life was to purchase them from a commissary owned by the Company. Your lodgings were also owned by the Company. A rigged system where you always owed the Boss for the privilege of working for him.

Paid less than you’re forced to spend to survive. Try to leave and you get a warrant for your arrest under the Fugitive Laws, have the equivalent of Dog the Bounty Hunter chasing you down, putting you into the County Prison to work out your debt. In a county that’s owned by, you guessed it, your Loving Employer.

America is sliding backward into that quagmire of Corporate Dictatorship. The saddest part, many of the miners and their families actually eat that crap up with a spoon, the Corporate Lies that they’re working for a better future and for their freedom, and that of their children.

It’s a shameful thing for ONE political party to pay homage to that Blatant Lie. For ALL of the three largest political parties in America, Democratic, Republican, and Tea Parties, to pander to that meaningless CRAP is beyond shameful.

Maybe he simply misspoke, and was off by one letter, they were working for a bItter life.

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2 Responses to Obama breaks truth to widows: Miners died as Corporate Slaves, get used to it

  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Obama did not tell widows the truth. The truth in West Virginia as elsewhere in coal mining country, is that BOTH the Democrats and Republican Party legislators have backed and promoted laws that have helped unscrupulous mining companies get away with their dangerous practices. And they have done it for decades upon decades, too.

    The family members of those who most recently died in West Virginia are well aware of Obama’s omissions at the funeral.

  2. I know, the title was sarcastic, and was at first written “breaks honest” which is probably too esoteric a Texas term.

    The “pursuit of a better life” is really impossible in a single industry society. Just like the Banana Republics of MesoAmerica and the Coffee Plantations of Ethiopia.

    The same xenophobia that leads to the term “illegal immigrant” holds true for “other” Americans as well, when somebody in 1983 spread the word in Michigan that Texas had the best job market in the country at the time, (which wasn’t saying much) and the Flint GM plant had shut down.

    “Keep Texas beautiful, put a yankee on the bus” was one of the least vicious ones. People in Ft Worth still call it “the Yankee Invasion”, a term they used to reserve for the Civil War.

    The people of Appalachia are stuck where they’re settled, getting out isn’t much of an option, staying is almost as bad. If the Peabody and Massey companies built something more diversified than simply eco-raping the hills for all the minerals they can extract, actually put back something besides building multi-generational slavery…

    But like Momma always said, if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his rump each time he jumps.

    Can’t build a future on nothing but If.

    It’s sickening in its scope. The Massey mine in question, is now being used as a pawn not to wean the economy away from fossil fuels, but to just go full-on mountaintop removal, from a mythical “concern for worker safety”. Kill us fast or kill us slow, the end result is the same.

    Consoling people isn’t easy, sometimes not even possible.

    With this one, I’d say there’s no kind way to tell them, just fire them up with the Most Righteous anger.Angry enough to demand the changes, maybe.

    Last year at another Massey enterprise, one where it IS a full-on strip mine, the company spent the whole summer setting neighbor against neighbor, which in those small towns in the hills, literally means brother against brother.

    I don’t pretend to have an answer that anybody will accept, much less everybody. Just that telling them the Industrial Equivalent of the Give-Momma-a-Flag-and-a-medal and tell her that Sonny “died for his country” couldn’t possibly be an appropriate answer.

    There’s only a few absolutes in the world. That’s one of them.

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