Oil in Gulf Stream, Industry Response: “Kill more American Kids”

Spokesfreak for increased drilling, our favorite ex-Governor, not able to actually DEFEND her corporate sponsored “Drill, Baby, Drill” mantra (for now) in the face of BP announcing that the oil “might” be spreading into major ocean currents (like the Gulf Stream, which goes to among other places, England, home base of BRITISH petroleum) changed it to her Other Mantra of “Kill Babies, KILL!”
This is accomplished by regurgitating the rumors that the Black Panthers, ACORN and SEUI were poised and trained to grab guns on inauguration day. which, hey, I remember that well, right? Every gun store in the nation was closed down, and the Black Gestapo kicked down people’s doors and took their guns and my God that was an insane rumor.. But the TeaBags, Minutemen and other Klan groups ate it up with a spoon.
So she’s frightening the already frightened, scared angry mob. “Grab your guns before BoogieMan Obama gets them!”
More frightened, angry people thinking Guns will help them deal with their Racist Fears, means more accidental killings.

That’s the statistics. More guns, more accidents, more killing and maiming of people. Especially kids. In this case, American Kids.

BP, with their legendary talent for understatement (a “leak”, oops. more oil than a leak, Fox News including Mrs Palin saying “maybe a sheen on the water”, Dead see animals like turtles and fish washing up, at which time BP announces there “might” be some undersea poisoning going on… Ooops, we uncovered a similar valve problem on yet another rig, BEFORE this one went Boom in the night…that sort of thing…)

By the time those kids tell you there’s a fire in the kitchen, the entire neighborhood has burnt down. Now BP says the oil might be in major ocean currents… oopsie.
Oh well, can’t do nothin’ bout that, eh… might as well deflect attention by scaring people with a non-existent gun-grab.

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