On–street Parking violates camping ordinance.

The Rich are allowed to store their oversized vehicles on Public Thoroughfares. Simply, they can’t afford the price of More Stolen Land on which to legally park their Replacement Penises, so they store them not only on Publicly Owned Land, they’re also impeding traffic on Throughfares.
If the poor aren’t allowed to have THEIR belongings on Public Property, then neither are the Rich. Especially since their Public Storage of Private Goods actually causes traffic problems. My mom almost took out a cop car turning a corner which was only a “blind” corner because some Jackass who had paid the price of a HOUSE for a HumVee, to demonstrate how Rich and Powerful he wishes we would believe him to be, parked it on the street.
But the true bitch of it is, if my mom had actually head-ended the cop car that was ALSO blinded by the Penis Envy Abatement Tool parked right smack on the corner, SHE would have gotten the ticket, assuming she were to survive.
‘The Law, in its Majestic Equality, forbids Rich and Poor alike from begging, stealing bread and sleeping under bridges”

By the way, it’s illegal to park your car in such a manner that it obstructs the safe flow of traffic.

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