One of the “Drug War” casualties in Juarez wasn’t a Non-Combatant…

He was an El Paso Texas County Sheriffs deputy and a jail guard PLUS… They don’t know who the shooters were, so how did they assign the Identification and Motive that they’re drug cartel? Kind of jumping the “gun” there, right?
I can think of quite a few El Paso County and City cops who piss people off with their arrogant and abusive behavior. It wouldn’t be too very unlikely that somebody who the cop had abused in the County Jail recognized him, saw a whole sky full of red and had a gun, and popped him off. People from Juarez and El Paso are really one city. It just has an international border running through the middle of downtown.
The “Innocent Victims” count they scream about is very misleading as well, the “drug dealers” who have been popped off by the Mexican Federales and their American “advisers” are convicted after they’re already DEAD. That’s always an easy conviction to obtain. Judges and prosecutors look the other way when a Cop shoots somebody. The only people who most DEFINITELY aren’t “civilians” in this fight, therefore, are the Badges. When the Police cap off a kid or several kids while blowing away a suspected drogadero the excuse is the same as when “our” Army blows away kids in Afghanistan or Iraq, “the ‘BAD GUYS’ were hiding behind civilians”.

It also completely ignores the Very Racist Neo-Colonial U.S. Puppet “Parti Accion Nacional” government in Mexico making outright War on the Mayan and Aztec and Toltec and Olmec ethnic majority in the south, and Native groups in the North including the Yaqui and Tahamaura and Coahuila tribes in the north. The ones our own very Racist Border Patrol and the Racist Minutemen make war against.

Sure would be handy for the Federales to be able to lump all those bad wicked Indios (which also means in Mexican slang “wild ass semi-educated hillbillies” and also a lump sum condemnation of poor people) into being Drug Lords and such.

Not that there isn’t an overlap of Ethnic and Political and Drug groups. But then again, the Huedos “Blondies” who run Mexico politically, weellllll… now, they wouldn’t exactly be clean of that particular Cultural and Ethnic and Political overlap either.
The very richest, their kids are called Hidalgos… “juniors” literally hijo de algo “somebody’s boy”.

Not one to go around spreading rumors, you’ll never catch me repeating gossip, (so you’d better be sure and listen close the first time) But it comes out like the nasty rumor that Ronald Reagan’s son was a cocaine dealer, and since his daddy was the Governor and the cops looked the other way, he had a natural advantage in “the trade”. But of course, that’s just a Rumor.

The Hidalgo System, the Spanish version of our “Old Boy Network” pretty much guarantees that the most successful criminals in Mexico would be the Rich White Boys. So why are all the “Top Drogaderos” being gunned down in Mexico the classic Meztizo (mixed “mezclado” Indian and Spanish) that the Minutemen and their spiritual kin The Klan and the ICE hate so much?

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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7 Responses to One of the “Drug War” casualties in Juarez wasn’t a Non-Combatant…

  1. Avatar wow says:

    So you’re logic is that because he was a cop he probably deserved it? What a piece of shit you are.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Why, thank you. Actually the logic is that it wasn’t a “drug war” hit. And, no I don’t like cops. They beat that into me while I was handcuffed and helpless. For talking back to them and refusing to grovel to them. Much the same reasons you just used to condemn me.

    “corrections” officers are the worst of the lot.

    I bet that right now you’re fantasizing having me handcuffed and helpless so you could “teach me a lesson”.

    The Pig pieces of shit already taught me one, and it wasn’t that they’re so superior that they merit instant grovelling bootlicking so-called “respect”.

    Shock and Awe is synonymous for “Terrorism”. Did the 9/11 incident “teach you a lesson”? No?

    Then why would you assume that terrorism applied by the U.S. federal state and local government officials would gain you respect?

  3. Were you one of the Klansmen who protested any investigation into the murders committed by New Orleans cops during the Katrina aftermath? Maybe one of the local retards who jumped to the defense of the Local Cops beating mostly elderly and disabled people for daring to purchase a license and peacefully march in a parade?

    Shooting PEOPLE who were crossing a bridge? How about the cops in El Paso and Ft Worth who racially profile me because I “look Mex”?

    Are those cops automatically right in your retarded piece-of-shit opinion?

    That’s what it reads like. Maybe some more input would be necessary, something a little more rational.

    Cops tell us that we have to “earn” their respect, that shows they have none to begin with. Then they make the silly ass demand that we respect them unconditionally.

    If they’re so emotionally crippled that they believe the badge gives them immunity from any laws or rules of common decency they should give up their guns voluntarily and seek professional help.

    Cops who beat prisoners, and it’s my opinion that would be MOST cops might not deserve the street-level death penalty, but it is exactly what they dish out. And I saw exactly NO condemnation of the Cops in Mexico delivering the Street-Level Death Penalty, even to Children, in your comment.
    Perhaps you should voluntarily give up YOUR guns until you develop a much less hostile and murderous attitude.

    Also, the PIGS put forth the propaganda that every victim of a police bullet in Mexico or elsewhere is automatically a criminal, convicted post mortem and the Retarded “back the Badge” fascists give the old Bellamy Salute in automatic agreement.

    That would include the mostly Indian babies in Mexico who get in the way of police bullets. If the “drug lords” are hiding behind Civilian Human Shields, that would apply equally to the Pigs.

  4. Avatar wow says:

    So sad. It’s those of you of you on the left that choose to generalize about people based on their profession that do so much damage to the effort to get people to stop with prejudiced assumption and start judging people on their individual merits that hurt the movement toward social justice. You should be ashamed at yourself.

    While I can’t comment on your personal experience with the police I can say that you do a great disservice those who hold their charge of public service seriously a great dishonor.

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    It’s a pattern of dishonor that they do to themselves, along with the crowds who get together to chant “the policeman is always right”. The cops-shooting civilians in New York, Oakland, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Bossier City, no actual investigations, Just the Police saying their fellow cops were obviously not guilty because they had uniforms and badges.

    The ones in New Orleans, and Bossier City, the shootings weren’t what were protested by those of you on the Far Right Lunatic Fringe… the very idea of them being investigated was what was protested, by such luminaries as the Ku Klux Klan. The man in Bossier City was shot in the back 8 times, AFTER the police broadcast to each other that he was talking on a cell phone, then they all claimed he was turned around pointing a gun at them.

    The bullets all being in his BACK kind of points out how obviously that wasn’t true.

    The ones in Mexico, the people shot by the police are equally condemned as Terrorists and Drug Lords, except for the kids. They’re attributed to the fact that although the police storm into their houses shooting, their families were “human shields” instead of, you know, family. Family typically reside with each other, even the families of Combatants.

    And, as in the New York, Oakland, Bossier City, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, etc etc etc etc… shootings, the persons shot were dead, but put on trial afterward without any chance to declare their innocence, actually cross examine the witnesses. The only witnesses being the cops who murdered them.

    And the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe applauds every time a Killer Cop is set free and given his gun and badge back, told that it’s OK for a PIG to kill somebody.

    When they beat prisoners in the jails, the only witnesses are the PIGS doing the beatings and their victims, who PEOPLE LIKE YOU AUTOMATICALLY CONDEMN AS CRIMINALS. The first time a cop hit me I was a kid. His comment? “It’s my word against yours, all I have to do is say you’re a criminal and crazy, who’ll believe YOU”?

    Obviously not a Pig-loving knee-jerk reactionary like yourself.

    What, are Cops the ONLY ones in your pathetic little mental universe who deserve a “fair trial”? and never those they torture or kill?

    If I said any of this to a cop he would have 5 of his uniformed thug buddies beat me down and file false charges against me to cover it, and no DA or Judge or the really stupid people who get chosen for jury duty would ever question it.

    You’ve already shown that YOU won’t.
    I could hear your mind snapping shut and see your Right Knee jerking through your words. Yet you lecture about “tolerance”.

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The Right Wing coward puke propagandists had a field day calling the PIGS who attacked us at the parade VICTIMS.

    They chose to go in swinging. Not one of them was ever prosecuted for their crime yet the Right Wing Back The Badge “the-policeman-is-always-right” Lunatic Fringe said we were bullying the poor, helpless police. Did you issue your little sermon about “tolerance” on any of their blogs or discussion fora? I bet my left testicle you didn’t.

    But we and only we are the ones being one-sided and intolerant, right?

    Did you ever visit the Taser company website? They claim their tasers are proven effective against children as young as two. How would they Know That? The only logical answer is some of the coward piece-of-shit Torture Equipment Manufacturer “people” tasered babies. That’s by their own admission on their own website.

    Swell bunch of allies you have. Birds of a feather, maybe?

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    And you know who teaches people to hate cops? The cops themselves. They teach us through their own displays of helpless rage against any who don’t automatically bow before them, through getting all their Pig buddies to help them beat somebody up, taser somebody down, then handcuff him and taser him and beat him some more.

    People hating cops is a natural result of the cops with their high-and-mighty demands that people bow before them, treat them like gods because of their badges and guns.

    And people who “Back The Badge” and call anybody who has been treated thusly “Crazy” and tell him that he probably deserved it.

    People like YOU. Sure Right Wing Freaks like you honor the Badge. You also vote for War, for Killing Babies.

    “Shock and Awe”? Oderint dum Metuant… let them hate us as long as they fear us? But you see, Wow, people don’t naturally respond to massive displays of violence by wanting to become willing slaves to your God-Damned pig “heroes”.

    Not on the streets of Colorado Springs, not on the streets of Baghdad, not on the streets of Ciudad Juarez.

    If somebody catches you away from your PIG comrades and beats you down, are YOU going to bow before him, worship him for the rest of your life, just because he beat you down?


    Your “shock and awe” is currently breeding implacable enemies for GENERATIONS of Americans yet unborn.

    Just like when your Predator Drones blow away kids in Afghanistan, each time you blow away a kid, everybody who knew that kid is going to be your enemy forever.

    And not just yours, everybody who wears that Uniform. The Uniforms are to make you look so much like each other that you think like each other, and work together like mindless faceless machines. They also make individual soldiers and cops indistinguishable one from another.

    Whenever somebody who has been handcuffed and beaten sees ANY cop all he’s going to see is the fat-faced smug smirking son-of-a-whore who hit him and sneered “what are you gonna do about it?”

    It’s why Jensen and Jordan and the four cops in the Northwest got their faces blown through the backs of their skulls.

    It’s why people are willing to commit suicide if they think they can take out a few cops or soldiers.

    It is very simple, Violence begets more violence.

    The shock and awe routine they use in Iraq is the very same doctrine practiced by the police in America. Whether it’s wrong for somebody to take vengeance isn’t nearly the point. The fact remains that the arrogance of the cops WILL make people angry enough to cap them off. None of your Smug Right Wing Police State Fascist Totalitarian “moralizing” is going to change that, ever.

    In fact, it’s your smug moralizing to people that they have to accept and perhaps be grateful that some Pig beat them up that fans the flames of Hate against your Pigs and yourself and all that you stand for, not comments from me.

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