“Ouah Nigras wuz pehfectly happy with Jim Crow…” with some added on..

“until all these heah Outside Agitators started makin’ trouble”
Recurring Right Wing Theme. Everything from the Retards who passed the Homeless Persons Eradication Act at our City Hall recently, like S- Patch, erstwhile spammer and probably Cop, saying “some of the homeless I talked to are perfectly happy having their citizenship revoked” (did you ever stop to think that the only people willing to talk to your Badge would be the type of Conformist Sucks who would make that kind of statement?)
To the British statement that “Arabs love the invasion of Iraq” (except of course for those who object, who don’t count because we’ve already declared them to be Non-Persons whose lives are forfeit any time we have them outnumbered and outgunned)

Spam-boy, by the way, most of your comments HAVE been posted, even though it’s not YOUR website and nobody’s Persecuting you or your fellow crybaby and Pigsucker Beep-beep.
Statements from your Fascist Police like the number of people ALLEGED to have been involved in “letting somebody sleep in their room” and the person your friends who run the place picked a fight with, just so they could call the Pigs on her and have her beaten and arrested (and knowing the Cops, beaten again while she was handcuffed and helpless)

So that means they’re not willing to be perfectly compliant with People Who Believe They’re Better Than Those Of Us Who Aren’t Rich?
But some of them are willing to “Tom” for you. Proves nothing, punk. There are prisoners in every jail in the world who do the same. They’re called “snitch bitches”. Even the Nazis had them in their Concentration Camps, they were called LagerKapos.
Alle Sieg Heil am Der Fuhrer Janis! Heil! Heil! Heil!
Alle sieg Heil am der Unterfuhrer Patch! Heil! Heil! Heil!

Lick them pig Jackboots, Boy! Yo name Toby!
By the way, you’re not being “censored”. You’ve plenty of Right Wing Venues in this town which will gladly publish your sick and hateful Boasting about what a wonderful victory you’ve won over those “Subhuman” homeless people.

Your screams of “censorship” because NMT chooses not to publish your Hate Speech at your demand and command, only makes you sound like what we called in Texas “a big ol’ titty baby”.

We realize that you feel your wealth and social position make you somehow “better” than the Homeless PEOPLE.

I know for a fact, however, that I personally am a far better MAN than you ever will be. And, I was homeless for a while. So much for your Supremacist attitude.

Speaking of which, you know how you keep telling anybody who will listen to or read your Crap that the Homeless PEOPLE are by their very nature Crazy and Dangerous?

Consider this: Neither you nor Miss Beep-beep have been taken down to the creek bottom for a well deserved stompdown. Although there are plenty of people who are capable of doing it, and your Arrogance alone would cause some people to actually do it, if they actually were as “Crazy” or criminals as you and your Propaganda Team at City Hall and the Pig Department keep saying… loudly.

And that even without your statute that outlaws PEOPLE and “legally” places them in the status of Non-Human Non-Citizens with Non-Rights. A statute that won’t be enforceable without outright acts of violence against the PEOPLE you and your Fascist ilk have reserved for such judgment.

Keep it up, maybe one of them WILL drag you down to the creekbottom and demonstrate to you that you’re really NOT superior to anybody. You’re just a coward who hides behind the Police.

All your “facts” are provided by your fellow Lying Right Wing Hate Propagandists. Shit, the Police once accused me of waving a rifle at them. Never happened, but under your Rules of Evidence, ie, “anybody accused by the Establishment MUST therefore be Guilty” that automatically means that, even though I didn’t do it, I must have done it.
When you say that’s not the standards you use to condemn a whole class of PEOPLE to the status of Non-Human, you once again lie. That makes you both a coward and a liar. Strange how the two come together so neatly in so many of y’all “Superior” supremacists.

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