Our McSick McCulture McStrikes again.

So the commercial starts, lady saying “I’ve got a picky eater on my hands…. but when her nutrition started to affect her development our pediatrician recommended Pediasure…”
Now Wait A Damned Minute Here… Sure the kid is cute, has an engaging smile and all, but the kid is 3 years old at the most. Since when does the KID make decisions to only eat junk food? Pediasure was formulated for kids with serious illnesses like Cancer or real digestive problems, who can’t eat regular food.

CAN’T, not “have mommy so whipped that they WON’T”
Jesus, lady, (ok, I’m arguing with a fictional character portrayed by an actress) or… Better Yet, the Mindless Wonders who are targeted by this ad.
This is worse than that damn Morris cat commercials. It’s a proven fact of nature, neither cats nor children will voluntarily starve in the presence of food. They’ve got a built in Smart that over-rides “picky”. If you’re letting your kids run the home to the point that you’re allowing them to be Malnourished by the advertising influenced food choices they make, that doesn’t just border on Child Abuse… it’s over the border, applied for permanent residence status and is looking seriously at citizenship.

Kid doesn’t eat, start rationing the TV and stop buying the damn junk food. If your kid is both poisoning and concurrently starving herself with candy and cookies, don’t buy candy or cookies.

I know, the Media Commercial Culture tells you fast fast easy easy buy buy instant gratification and over consumption of stuff that there’s no such thing as moderation with them to begin with. A Fat Food meal that has enough calories to sustain a human for 2 days, and doing it twice in the day, (starting with a breakfast of some cereal that used to have “sugar” as the first word of the brand name.. “Sugar” Pops, “Sugar” Smacks, “Sugar” Frosted Flakes..)

It’s not a new thing, the fictional musical group “The Archies” had a hit song for 4 weeks with “Sugar Sugar” went to number one because they put the record on a Cereal Box… of Sugar Pops and Sugar Smacks. You wouldn’t pop or smack your kid with your fist, why do it with poison? That was 40 years ago and people are still doing it, only worse.
Hence, turn off the TV. If a show has more than one commercial for candy or Fast Food, don’t let them watch. McDonalds and Hersheys and Keebler don’t own your home, your kid or your TV, YOU do.

You’ll save money several ways, you won’t have your kid down at the doctor every other week, you won’t be buying overpriced junk disguised as an Unhappy Meal, you won’t be buying a “dietary supplement” that’s designed for people in imminent risk of DYING, and you won’t be buying a funeral for your kid when the truly unhealthy lifestyle takes its inevitable toll.

For the first time since the Middle Ages average life expectancy has gone DOWN. At both ends, too, at the high end where we starve our kids by stuffing them with high priced poison, and at the low end where the poorer nations support our irrational “Eat ’em Up Yum” culture and their kids starve by having the leftover land from Hershey and McDonalds and Nestle plantations.

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