Professional drunkard “Snooki” busted

From the “reality” show “Jersey Shore” where 20-somethings are filmed showing what they would do if they were paid to do a constant beach party. Ok so that’s not the OFFICIAL premise of the show, like, when you were 21 did you have a major studio pay your rent, your clothing tab and… YOUR BAR TAB? Sure, everybody did! That’s why it’s called a REALITY Show! Like, DUH! I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all but in “our” national obsession with 24-7 Televised Idolatry somehow this became a Major Story. And one headline compared it, albeit satirically, “Our Long National Nightmare is over- Snooki released” and took the names Martin L King and Nelson Mandela in vain. The charge, surprise: Disorderly Conduct. C’mon, guys, cut the poor girl some slack, huh? She gets PAID to be Drunk and Disorderly. The starting stages of the really tragic disease of Alcoholism is FUNNY! (oh, and the show also pays for her car and her gas. Neat!) It’s a sad day for our civilization.

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