Prebles jumping meadow mouse, the Bees, and Agent Orange…

Not connected, you say? Verily, sez I, they ARE connected. The “dominionist” faction who believe that no single species can be of any great import to the rest of the world, complain and whine much about the Preble’s Meadow mouse, an endangered species that has kept the nasty paws of the developers off some of the last wild lands in this part of Colorado. Then comes the Bees dying off, mysteriously. But wait, there’s more… there’s an ant involved too…

There were gadzillions of these big red ants in West Texas, from El Paso to Austin and down to Brownsville. Until the state came up with a way to eradicate them in many areas… and they almost made the Texas Horned Toad, which isn’t a toad in fact, it’s a Lizard… extinct. Several species of this reptile which predates the Dinosaurs almost gone. Because, you see, they ate the grubs of the Big Red Ants. No Big Red Ants, no grubs, nothing for the lizards to eat.

Then there’s weed killers. “Weed” is an arrogant term, it’s a flower that God planted but which the farmer, not seeing an immediate profit from cultivating them, would rather they not compete with his soft, weakling plants that make him immediate money. In order to plant thousands of square miles of a single crop, corn, say, or potatoes or Tobacco, they have to eradicate a whole buttload of Weeds. Thistles, briars, unsightly, prickly, sometimes smell really bad and usually would limit the Cash Crops to small patches, rather than Thousand Square Mile areas. So they hire Monsanto, genetic engineers and Poisoners Extraordinaires, to kill these Evil, useless weeds. Bad Weeds! Naughty! Wicked! Must Die!

They also make insecticides to kill Bad Wicked Naughty Worthless Bugs and other insects. (not all insects are bugs, but all bugs are insects…)

The bees are dying off. Why would the bees be dying? They aren’t trucked to the thousand-square mile Non-Weed Single Species Crop of the Week while either the Weed killers or the Bug Killers are being deployed. The bees get plenty of pollen which they don’t eat, carried from flower to flower, and plenty of nectar and other forms of sugar from the flowers which they DO eat. Why wouldn’t the bees be thriving and increasing in numbers, because The Mighty god Of Agricultural Science provides them with easy to obtain nectar in vast areas? Clover one week, almonds for a couple of weeks, apples later, etc etc etc.

Only, nobody stopped to ask the BEES what they like to eat, in what proportions of their diets and at what times. Especially not the Geniuses at Monsanto. Oh, heavens No, they’ve gotten it all figured out, yes they do…

Except… some of those Weeds they killed off in early spring before the Good Crops came up (they have to kill the weeds first, because their civilianized versions of Agent Orange, like Roundup. (which has the same substance in it that’s toxic to animals, not the active ingredient but a class of chemicals “dioxins” which they can’t take out without destroying the effectiveness of the “Good” Poison) Kill everything that has any part of the living plant above ground.

Well, these Weeds, useless to humans because we can’t eat them… provide the Bees with a balanced diet. They can’t live on two-three weeks at a time diets of The Same Species Of Flower nectar. Since Monsanto also hires the same subset of PhDs for Hire (or Whores, as I call them) who cheerfully tell us that burning a toxic weed (tobacco) at a temperature that’s 100 degrees F hotter than you would use to cook a steak, then inhaling the toxic fumes, is healthy,

or that eating McDonalds food on a daily basis is somehow Healthy.

They tell us cheerfully that a balanced diet of Purina Bee Chow involves eating the same species of flower nectar for extended periods of time, is healthy for the bees. But wait, there’s more!

The farmers have to pay to have the bees brought to their fields. Because they’ve poisoned off all the wild ones. Also the worms and the Big Red Ants which with their tunneling aerate the soil and mix the nutrients of the soil to prepare the soil for the “Good” Crops.. they get poisoned off with the toxins that kill off the beetles and grasshoppers and so forth that eat the crops.

Not to worry, they’ll import worms. There’s a bigger market for worms than just the Bait Shops for sport fishermen.

But these beetles and flies and ants and grasshoppers, what if THEY happen to be every bit as necessary to maintain the ecological balance that is the platform on which Modern Agriculture (or any other kind) is built?

What if the Preble’s Meadow Mouse actually has a lot more to offer to the ecosystem than the Parasitic real estate developers?

attitude toward “land management” is really God-damned stupid and those who spend our money forcing it onto us as the basis for Our shared ecology and economy, what if these Bozoes were actually killing themselves, and just by a wild coincidence, all the life on Earth, in a grand gesture.

Kind of makes their other wild-eyed Radical Statements like “global warming is a Liberal Myth” or “Tobacco is healthy, anybody that says different is a Commie” seem like, well, Wild-eyed Radical Ranting.

Not to worry, folks. They don’t give two shits about their OWN children any more than they care about OURS. Or the bees. Ants. Horned Toads. Earthworms. Preble’s Meadow Mouse.

They’ll poison us, our children after us, and their children as well, in order to gain wealth that they can’t possibly take with them beyond the grave.

from Ecclesiastes: For what profiteth a man, all the labor that he takes under the sun?
Naked came I into this world, and naked shall I leave, I brought in my hand nothing and nothing shall I carry away.
All that I have gained and all that I have built will be left to another, who did not earn them.
Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, saith the Preacher.

The bees will go extinct on year and we’ll follow the next year. Yes, Virginia, they ARE that important.

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