Private “security” PIG strangling a man who Can’t Hear

on the sidewalk OUTSIDE the property he’s supposed to be “protecting”. Telling the guy, who can’t see him because the PIG is standing on his back with a chokehold on him to “stop resisting and calm down” even though he’s being STRANGLED by the coward-ass TYPICAL PIG scumbag. And can’t hear the PIGS commands that he’s supposed to “instantly obey” merely because it’s a PIG who’s attempting to murder him.
Yes, when a Cop or Prison Guard or other “authority” figure PIG orders you to kneel in front of them, literally BOW BEFORE THEIR FASCIST IMPERIALIST STORMTROOPER COLLECTIVE ASS you’re supposed to comply with their orders. Just like Oscar Grant who the PIGS shot in the back after he was laying on the pavement.
All y’all who might find yourself in such a situation, don’t comply with the PIGS orders, because they’ve proven that even compliance doesn’t appease or satisfy their Imperialistic Power Trip.
All of you who are thinking of joining the Military, that’s the Exact Level of so-called Freedom the POLICE STATE FASCISTS are exporting to Afghanistan and Iraq and soon, if they get their PIGGY way, Iran. As shown by their treatment of Bradley Manning, they’ll do the same thing to one of “their own” if that person answers the call of conscience and refuses to further comply with their PIG gang of uniformed babykilling murderous thieving lying scum thugs.
AP blocked the video, it’s on youtube right now though.

The Security PIGS threatened the person taking the video even though he wasn’t on their property.
Knowing the Back The Badge Mentality of the courts, police and Other PIGS, the Fucking Cowardly Son-of-a-Crack Whore PIGS are going to allow their fellow PIG to get away with it.
Any of y’all cops reading this, what you gonna do about you PUNK ASSHOLES? Handcuff me with the help of five or six of your Gang, then beat me up while I’m handcuffed?
Because that’s the only way you SCUM know how to fight.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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8 Responses to Private “security” PIG strangling a man who Can’t Hear

  1. Avatar Von Herring says:

    Gee, don’t tell me you think we’re in a police-state. What I’d like to know is, will there be a difference between private and public officers soon? Wackenhut, GeoGroup, Correctional Services Corporation to name a few, are privatized security, prison management, and essentially police, the world over. This subject receives very little attention, but we have turned crime into a valuable commodity in this odd country. All the companies listed above are traded on the NASDAQ and other markets. Correctional Services Corp manages prisons, so one only need to assume that its vitality rests in having prisoners to manage. This is f**king scary, especially in this economy, where just about anyone could treated like a criminal. Police and the rental version alike, all breeching a threshold of respectability, and I would not doubt at all, that to even carry the history of being a “law” officer, will in the future be not only an embarrassment, but a potential danger. The Economist magazine recently featured an issue with the Statue of Liberty behind red, white, and blue bars, titled “why America imprisons too many people”. However, they avoided the privatization issue altogether. Well, they ARE the Economist, I guess.

  2. Avatar Von Herring says:

    I guess we could be sympathetic about this; the little shit probably wanted to try the new “hold” he just learned in some license renewal class, or simply got to thinking about having his head put into toilets back in high-school by the alpha males, and all the girls who utterly ignored him for the wormly dunce he was/is. Or, maybe he is suffering schizophrenia, madcow, or a nervous breakdown at the current state of our country. Compassion meine freunde, compassion.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Not to forget that CSC, Wackenhut, CCA and a little State Sponsored Private Corporation that makes money off Inmate Slave labor in Texas, Texas Correctional Industries, have quite a lot of collusion going on. One District Attorney in Bexar County (San Antonio) sued Halliburton and brought criminal charges (dropped at the insistence of the Judge without ever being heard by a Grand Jury) Richard Cheney.

    Seems TCI and Wackenhut were contracted to provide labor to Halliburton in order to build the new privatized Bexar County Corrections Center. In other words, even county inmates not convicted of a crime are required to work, without pay, to run a Private Enterprise for the profits of the richest company in America. It just gets worse.

    BP has a contract with TCI and the Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida versions thereof. Using (unpaid) Inmate Slaves to clean up their little oopsies there at Texas City and also the Big Spill.

    Nice fellows, the lot of them.
    On the good side, it can’t possibly last forever, especially in a collapsed economy. Some of the ones they count on to enforce their dictates, are already rebelling. They’ll have to prop it up, at least long enough to steal what’s left of the economy, by assigning cops to watch cops for signs of rebellion.

    On the bad side, the Recession has all but officially been named GreatDepression2.0.exe and all it’s waiting for is some large group of fools to click on the icon.

    So to speak.
    And when they take themselves down they’re determined to make it a Socio-cide. They’ll bring down the civilization.

    And, they’ve got nukes. So they can make a really spectacular show of it.

  4. Avatar Von Herring says:

    OK, I hope you’ll pardon me for leaving this link. It is highly relevant, and I think the author of this website will find it deeply interesting and applicable to current affairs. Please see:
    Not for those who prefer the coziness of oblivion over reality.

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    You’ve got too many flash videos on one page. Flash player crashed before the page was loaded.

    There’s a battlefield theory, if your enemy has more powerful weapons then you take some of their weapons. It doesn’t sound easy because it isn’t. It is, however, possible. Especially when your enemy is infected with the Dream Killer, hubris.

    Again, it’s doomed to failure by it’s basic reason for existence.
    I did notice, as I was reading, a huge number of absolutes. One being that Anthropogenic Global Warming is impossible.

    If that were so, then Anthropogenic Hive-Mind technology would also be beyond our scope. It would be really difficult to have that much power in one realm and ONLY one.

    And, it depends entirely on being able to absolutely control human thought.
    Is the only Absolute the notion that there are NO absolutes?

    I’ll stack God against technology any day. If I’m wrong, I die and nothing further happens to me. Even if I’m right I die.
    It sounds simple. Maybe it is.

    So does the Might Makes Right theories that build every empire, including the one described in theory on your website.
    But the might makes right has a proven track record of failures. And no real successes.

    It’s also a pattern I recognize, that many of the reasons stated were also catchphrases from organizations such as TeaParty and Fox News… who are bankrolled by the same corporations.

    And who aren’t above using the failed “science” of racism to back their claims.

    Also the theory keeps breaking into binary equations. Two parties, and only two. Each having two platforms, and only two.
    Two MAJOR parties, and only two, totalitarian and exclusive.

    But the equations break down on a couple of critical areas. One is that Global Warming is somehow not possible. The effects are visible even without computerized magnification. It has a strong hint that somehow global dependence on petrochemicals is a good thing and again, exclusively can not ever be changed.

    It does have the comforting notion that we’ll be pitted man against machine, rather than man against man.

    Maybe the horses will help us. If we ask them nicely.

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    That last was from a short story. At the end of it.

    If the Global Intelligence depends on eugenics, racism and other failed “sciences” then it too will fail. Garbage in, Garbage out.

    And again, those at the top of the ladder, will have the furthest to fall. And they will. No matter what props them up. Learn to grow potatoes. Clover. Beans. fungi even.

    It’s a simple economy where wisdom will defeat genius. And even defeats large amounts of cash funding.

  7. Avatar Von Herring says:

    First, it is not my website, though I would gladly take responsibility for it, even if untrue.

    Second, thanks for your replies.

    It is a long read, and one which too quick a glance results in some basic interpretive errors. I think you might find in other writings, that the Sun is certainly a proposed influence on climate-change, rather than the term global-warming. NASA has predicted a decade of nasty behavior from the Sun, beginning in 2012-2013.

    Second, they in no way have a binary perspective on parties, any more than the two parties are actually binary. They are far more mono than binary; a duopoly of bullshit. And I think their reference to the TeaParty was merely to highlight subversion, or an infection of something previously sensible. I think if you reserve the article for another time, when you have more time, you will much irrefutable, extremely relevant information. Otherwise, no arguments. And thanks again for your time and consideration.

  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I knew there was a “root” set that would be of use. It’s called a Mandlbrot root-set. It’s obtained by dividing any number by a factor of two, repeatedly. I basically used a shamanic meditative tool called a Dream-catcher. There’s videos on the web to make one but it’s a stone-age representation of the Mandlbrot root.

    This leads in to a chain of consciousness that also includes some (probably all) of the reasonings behind building such an “enhanced intelligence”.
    And each of which hits a wall within consciousness. The motive for building such an oversoul would be either total obliteration of ones own self-hood, or a mistaken belief that it would give the individual great power. Power madness has at its root the notion that the Dictator and ONLY the dictator should have power.

    A dictator would be so deeply involved in his own quest for power that he would never give up the very essence of WHY he wants the power.

    The website refers to consciousness as a technology. One of the things that has been achieved over the past century and a half is called past life regression. Essentially you regress your inner child to the point at which you became a soul. After that, the inner child, refusing to believe in his own death forward… will also refuse to accept his own non-existence backward. And this is at the root of how to resist any such a future or present dictatorship by machine or by man.

    Every dictator comes to the realization that nobody who is sane enough to be of any use to him would ever accept total submission to him. But in taking on the oversoul consciousness of the Machine… he would have to do exactly that. Surrender his own soul first. Somebody who would never share power doing so? No.

    The dictator knows that all of his sycophants who helped him into power are waiting their turn to become the dictator once he dies. And, once they’ve clawed their way up to being his most powerful lieutenants, they’ve developed both a thirst for his power and, the skills to take it. It’s madness waiting to happen.

    To allay his fears, he would have to keep his closest advisor/enemies close. Politically, and physically. There would be a recognizable pattern because they tend to leave a LOT of destruction in their wake.

    But such a person, or a group of like minded persons, would never be able to take the personal step that would allow them, as a group, to control the Machine. It would be group think, the one thing they’re not capable of.

    I agree that such cabals exist, and they are gaining huge amounts of technology, but it’s that one part within each of them, the part that defines each… that undoes every such enterprise.

    The suns activity is going to let out a lot of electromagnetic energy pulses. Not nearly the same thing as the wavelengths that warm the planet.
    They won’t be consistent, or consistently increasing.
    The knowledge that they’re increasing NOW is done by comparison to those times when they WEREN’T increasing. Like, the past 4 decades.

    The website used the absolute that there would be no way to maintain life or civilization without fossil fuels. The same sources maintain that the fuels aren’t nearly as old as expected and can be the process can be replicated in much shorter time increments using existent biological sources.

    That’s only partly contradictory with itself. And, it’s based on an assumption, that the ONLY way to sustain ourselves is through petrochemicals.

    It takes into itself such assumptions as Disposable is Better. Private Transportation is a Necessity. Neither is true.

    The other thing that will bring down such a system, is Chaos.
    Entropy. There’s an English bad double entendre that goes “Chaos rules all systems”.

    Even at the electron level, “bitrot” destroys data. Data which are the essential components of such a system, overtaking hardware. Again, garbage in, garbage out. Systems are every bit as mortal as humans. Maybe they don’t atrophy as quickly, but they do, in fact, die. Political systems, hardware systems, all decay.

    The sunspot activities, by the way, are probably going to cause havoc with the Skynet system. Its destruction is built into its construction.

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