Pueblo Police Tazer a man, who has convulsion on Camera…

Which the Cop Propaganda division at News 5 (our local NBC affiliate) dismissed as fake, and the Jail so-called “doctors”, themselves licensed and sworn Police Officers, also dismiss as fake. The Jail “doctors” Officially work for the pigs and can be expected to give whatever diagnosis or diagnoses that the Sheriff or Chief of Police tell them to give. If the Big-Pigs order their Pig “doctors” to find nothing wrong with a prisoner, especially in a case of Assault By Pig, that’s what the “doctors” will find.
Police Chaplains the same way. And the PIGS wonder why people resist their efforts to “control” them. Since when does a Coward who has to hide behind his fellow Uniformed Thugs have the Moral Imperative to “control” anybody else in the entire world? A little medical background about the use of electricity on the Human Nervous System…

I use a TENS unit for my feet and knees, Transcutaneous Electro Neural Stimulation. This device use a LOT less charge than a Tazer does. The Tazer is designed to cause severe pain, through the induction of CONVULSIONS, in Human Beings. It far too often causes DEATH in the victim.
The TENS unit has warnings that it’s not to be used above the waist except by medical professionals. Carefully Monitored by Medical Professionals. Because it can cause heart muscle CONVULSIONS and diaphragm (the muscle that pumps your lungs) CONVULSIONS and Central Nervous System and Autonomous Nevous System (the nerve sub-network that keeps your heart beating regularly and your lungs working regularly).

The Pigs routinely tazer people who have heart problems, neurological problems (especially if they can claim that an Autistic or Epilepsy Patient is “crazy”), elderly people including Alzheimer’s Patients, and children.

The Tazer International website boasts that their products are “tested to work safely even on 2-year olds”. How exactly would they test THAT without actually tazering INFANTS?

Them Cops and Cop-Lovers sho’ does love them some Baby-torturin’. “Stop cryin’, kid, or we’ll shock you again!” “Taze him again, he’s resisting!”

The Pueblo police also recently tazered a 10 year old boy. Bet it made the Cops feel REAL powerful, macho and Important to do that.

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