Racists show true colors, Headline screams “Obama backs Mosque”

Yep, people who owned the property BEFORE 9/11 and are putting up a community center are transformed into Muslim Extremists with the spin of a headline. President Barack Obama, who hasn’t admittedly backed ANYTHING “forcibly” since taking office, is transformed automatically into an Islamo-Fascist Dictator for merely saying that property rights aren’t limited to Non-Muslims. What a bunch of pure racist bullshit. The Scaremongering Cowards at FOX and their related Hate Media enterprises should be ashamed of themselves, but Shame, like Courage, is a function of Dignity. And they have none of that. Neither Dignity, nor Courage nor Shame.
Limbaugh, Dr Laura, O’Reilly, Palin, Beck, Dobbs, all of them have counted the odds, noticed that Muslims are a tiny minority in the United States and thus, they’re the safest target for their Hate Speech. Not enough that they’re draft dodgers who would never take up the sword themselves, yet make obscene profits, selling Other Americans and countless foreign citizens unto death. Blood Money flows into their pockets through Hate Speech like their anti-Muslim rant about a “mosque” near Ground Zero.

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Brother Jonah

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  1. Avatar Dressen says:

    But not one single thing that you said gives the government the right to stop the mosque. Protest the mosque. Do creative things like building the gay bar next door, but the President was 100% right when he said that they have a First Amendment right to build it there.

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