Rancid Propaganda, from 68 years ago

But it illustrates the way “history” can be slanted, from very recent to a very distant lifetime ago or more… 1952 China Spy Mission goes wrong, shades of John Birch, etc.. The 4 CIA operatives, two of them the spies who were to be dropped into China, who survived, and their pilots, who did not, were Ambushed as in, the Chinese spotted their plane and shot them out of the sky, and the two spies who were captured spent twenty years in Chinese prisons. No doubt they were waterboarded, which is considered Torture when other governments do it, sleep deprivation, deep indoctrination techniques, which are called “enhanced interrogation” when the USMC does it at Gitmo and other Torture Dungeo.. ooops I mean “detention centers”.

The story, a heartwarming story of survival, triumph, and “Truth, Justice and the Americ…oh, you know the rest of that” is being trotted out by the CIA as a teaching tool for those Brave Souls going in and assassinating and spying on anybody accused of being a terrorist. Purest Pigshit.

What did they do wrong? hummm..

The part about attempting to manipulate other countries Which We Do NOT Own to do “our” bidding comes to mind, but no, that’s not what the CIA and their associates are saying. I mean, just because a philosophy or policy is corrupt at the root doesn’t mean it could not or (cue: Laugh Track, narrator circling ear with forefinger in international “Crazy” sign) SHOULD NOT be implemented or that it could or should not succeed. All you need is a big enough lie or a big enough gun or big enough collection of guns and you can force your will on the rest of the world easily. Might makes right, eh?

Then, as now, the Terrorists aka “intelligence agents” are glorified whenever the people in the Other Country exercise their no-doubt-nonexistent “right” to self defense and the spy/assassin is either captured or killed, it was an “Ambush”.

When a CIA interrogator was jumped, a few years ago in an Afghanistan Torture Center, had his guns taken from him and was shot to death, the news reports of it were filled with what a great person he supposedly was. And that he was Ambushed.

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