Remember how in the 60s and 70s …

The propaganda line on Mexican immigrants was they were escaping the economic devastation caused by the “socialist” policies of the PRI parti revolucionario institucional? Blaming Pancho Villa for decades after he died.
So what’s the excuse now that the Reagan and Bush Regimes force fed them American Capitalist “free” trade?
I read one “scholarly” explanation that involves a mistake between the words Melanin and Melatonin.

The Darker Pigments in our skin, eyes and hair. The “scholar” who put it together confused Melanin, as I said, with Melatonin, which is a chemical in the endocrine systems of mammals and birds. It has many of the mental and physical effects of Opium.

Because the “scholar” couldn’t spell the difference between two different words, he leapt to the conclusion that the Dark Pigments in Native Americans, “Mexicans” Blacks, Chinese, Semites, just anybody who wasn’t of pure Aryan übermenschen stock was made stupid by our darker skins.

Since the closest thing to an honest reason for their hatred of Mexicans being able to succeed in the “free” market capitalism is that it’s much easier to keep them down through the use of an International Border.

One which was arbitrarily assigned by The United States and actually runs neatly across half of the historical Mexico. Conquest only it’s called “Liberation”. Freedom to do what you’re told. Very Orwellian of them and not at all buoyed up by Racist propaganda like “Darker skin pigments makes them stupid like Opium does”.

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